Friday, February 14, 2014

Stages of Personalized Learning Environments (v3)

The Stages of Personalized Learning Environments (PLE) needed to be updated again. Why? Because of the considerable feedback we received from participants in our 5 W's of Personalized Learning eCourse about our first and second versions of the chart. Some of the feedback was about consistency and flow across the stages. What worked in what stage? 
We definitely want to thank those that critiqued the stages for us and helped us with this version three that we hope will be the final version.

We are hearing from many districts around the country that the Stages of Personalized Learning we developed are the foundation of their personalized learning initiative. We wanted to refine it so it was clear, consistent, and easily understood. We went to work to update the stages for them and anyone else moving to a personalized learning environment.

In attempting to transform teaching and learning to personalized learning, consider where you are currently and envision which stage you can see feasible for your school, district or community.

All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Most of the comments have been through email and social media. We welcome your comments below or email us at

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