Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Connected Educator Month

What’s the buzz in education for 2012-13?

Get in the know without going anywhere you don’t want to during Connected Educator Month this August, a unique all-online opportunity to take control of your professional development, with a little help from your friends and many of education’s leading lights. Featuring events and activities ranging from starter kits to contests and challenges, from the US Department of Education and more than 60 of the nation’s leading education organizations, communities, and companies (including ours), we hope you’ll never feel more connected and supported heading into the new school year!

Personalized Learning is a major focus for the month of August during Connected Educator Month (CEM).

We want to invite you to participate in the events for Connected Educator Month. The Kickoff is Wednesday, August 1st. Check the calendar of events at the Connected Educator Kickoff. 

Wednesday, August 1st Kickoff Events

11am EST: A panel and open discussion about peer-to-peer professional development. Panelists include Judi Fusco, Scott McLeod, Howard Rheingold, and Tom Whitby

5pm EST: A special online panel about Connected Learning and The State of Education Today featuring all of the past and present directors of the US Department of Education’s Office of Education Technology, including John Bailey, Karen Cator, Tim Magner, Susan Patrick, and Linda Roberts,

Thursday, August 2nd   Personalizing Learning  - Join us in the conversations

1:00 pm EST -
Connected Education and Serving Every Student from Gifted to Special Needs
Serving every student (From Gifted to Special Needs)- how connecting educators could help in this effort.
Panelists: Jenifer Fox (invited), Kathleen McClaskey, Lisa Nielsen, with Tracy Gray as moderator

Blackboard Collaborate Room Link:

3:00 pm EST - It's Personal: Personalized Learning for Students and Educators
Learn how teacher and learner roles change when you personalize learning.
Panelists: Mimi Ito, Nicole Pinkard, Barbara Bray, Steve Nordmark with Darren Cambridge as moderator

Blackboard Collaborate Room Link:

Join us in our Personalize Learning Blog Series

August 9 - Thursday, 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Session 1: Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization

August 16 - Thursday, 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Session 2: The Stages of Personalized Learning Environments

August 23 - Thursday, 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Session 3: The Missing Piece: The Learner

August 30 - Thursday, 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Session 4: Racing to the Top to Personalize Learning

Whenever you share about Connected Educator, use their hashtag #ce12 and our hashtag #plearnchat.

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