Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ready to Transform Teaching and Learning?

How do you know if your school or district is ready to personalize learning?

We created a pre-assessment that administrators can take to determine their schools' readiness to transform teaching and learning. For a limited time, we are offering our pre-assessment for FREE along with a FREE report and a FREE 30 minute virtual consultation. Contact us to sign up. Why are we doing this?
Because we believe in teachers and how they make a difference, understand how learners learn, want to make change happen and can provide direction to schools and districts that want to prepare every learner for their future so they are college or career-ready. 

This is a crucial time in education as we align curriculum to the Common Core State Standards, our first national standards. Teaching and learning is changing right before our eyes. Technology is changing how, when and where we teach and learn. If your district is considering applying for the Race to the Top - District (RTT-D) competition, the report we offer can help you with your proposal.

This pre-assessment involves very little of your time. What you receive in return is a report that provides you an overview and visual representation of where your school or district is currently and the first steps to take to transform teaching and learning.

Some of the questions we ask in the pre-assessment are about your current learning environment, pedagogy, teaching practices, professional development, learners, school culture and the technology you currently have. This pre-assessment reflects the chart on the Stages of Personalized Learning.

The informative and personalized report that we create for you will present your results in a visual format that you can use to determine your next steps. We look forward to talking to you about your journey toward personalizing learning.

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  1. How soon we forget! The probationary period in California used to be three years long. Teachers won a reduction from three years to two, but employers won the right to dismiss probationary teachers without cause.


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