Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Blueprint to Build Sustainable PLEs

The Blueprint is the foundation, framework, and direction in building Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs) that transform teaching and learning and are sustainable over time.

Everyone in the school community is involved in the vision. Teachers are learners too. When you change the learning environment, teacher and learner roles change. Assessment is essential to measure progress and effectiveness of teaching and learning in the different Stages of Personalized Learning Environments. Assessment is conducted through each phase of the process.

Vision and Plan
Phase One lays the foundation for your Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs). The key is to lay a foundation built on trust and respect from all stakeholders so there is a shared vision and common language around personalized learning.
  • Consult with administrators.
  • Assess current culture and learning environment. 
  • Review lessons and teaching practice.
  • Report results to administrators.
  • Facilitate a shared vision with stakeholders.
  • Provide a strategic plan for implementation of the three Stages of Personalized Learning Environments.

Implement and Coach
Phase Two creates the framework with all the elements you need to build Personalized Learning Environments (PLEs) in your schools and/or districts.

  • Consult with school and district administrators on implementation on one or more of the three Stages of Personalized Learning Environments. 
  • Identify and train Personalized Learning (PL) Coaches and teachers for Pilot.
  • Understand how learners learn best based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles.
  • Design Personal Learner Profiles TM and Personal Learner Backpacks TM.
  • Guide design of Personal Learning Plans and Toolkit for each Pilot Teacher.
  • Set up a Community of Practice (CoP) for Leaders, PL Coaches and Pilot Teachers. 
  • Demonstrate how to unpack the CCSS and build inquiry-based environments.
  • Coach PL Coaches to design model lessons and projects.
  • Provide ongoing assessment of implementation that includes surveys, interviews, classroom observations, evaluations of training and coaching sessions, reflections, and other evidence of learning.
  • Provide reports about ongoing progress of PLE coaching program.

Expand and Sustain
Phase Three provides the direction to expand and sustain personalized learning for all learners. 

  • Identify teachers ready to transform learning as co-teachers and partners in learning.
  • Coach the PL Coaches to set up their own Communities of Practice to support teachers.
  • Design ongoing coaching programs that support teachers and learners.
  • Develop Master Teacher and Lead Learner Programs as the human infrastructure that will support sustainability.
  • Encourage assessment AS learning with ongoing reflection and videos of process.
  • Coordinate a showcase and online area to demonstrate evidence of learning.
  • Conduct a post-assessment to measure transformation of learning.
  • Deliver progress report with recommendations and action plan for expanding and sustaining PLEs 

The three phases are the overall process that we implement in the Blueprint. We have used this process in some form or another in our training and coaching programs for many years. When we pulled our resources and strategies together, we realized that we needed to formulate the process that we both were using as one Blueprint that could be easily understood and implemented.

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