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The 5 W's of Personalized Learning eCourse

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Winter 5Ws Series 5W116 is now open
Tues. - 1/20, 2/3, 2/17, 3/3, 3/17
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The next day for most of our international participants.

Fee: $319
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Thursdays 2014. [1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6 - 3:30 PDT, 4:30 MDT, 5:30 CDT, 6:30 EDT] on Fridays International participants - See more at: http://www.personalizelearning.com/p/blog-page.html#sthash.qJrLrzDh.dpuf
Thursdays 2014. [1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6 - 3:30 PDT, 4:30 MDT, 5:30 CDT, 6:30 EDT] on Fridays International participants - See more at: http://www.personalizelearning.com/p/blog-page.html#sthash.qJrLrzDh.dpuf*
30 hours of PD or 2 Graduate Credits from Plymouth State University for an additional fee.

We offer a discount to your school or district for 5 or more attendees.  

Email us (personalizelearn@gmail.comif you would like us to set up the 5 W's eCourse for your teachers and administrators or would like your own 5 W's eCourse for your organization.

5 W's of Personalized Learning® eCourse Description

The 5 W’s are the What, Who, Wow, Where, and Why to Personalize Learning and includes what is and what is not personalized learning, how learners learn best, the process using the Stages of Personalized Learning Environments (PLE), how teacher and learner roles will change, and why you need a common language and rationale for personalized learning when transforming teaching and learning. Collaborate with other educators in a Community of Practice. 

The all NEW 5 W's eCourse includes five webinars, online asynchronous discussions, forums, blogs chats,  and websites for each session with research, resources, examples, models of Personalized Learning Environments, and participation in a Community of Practice. The webinars and chats will be archived for participants especially for those in different timezones. Many of our participants join as teams from their school or organization so they can continue the conversations at their site.  

Session #1: What is Personalized Learning? (90 min)
We will be introducing the Personalization vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization chart so you understand the differences around the terms and review the research around those terms. You will be asked to provide your take aways of the research and take a position on what is and what is not personalized learning.

Session #2: Who are your Learners? (1 hr)
To transform learning for all learners, it is important to know who your learners are. We will review the neuroscience behind learning, review learning theories around personalized learning and how this concept is not new. We will provide an understanding about how learners learn best using Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and introduce the Personal Learner Profile and Class Learning Snapshot.

Session #3: Wow - Teacher and Learner Roles Change! (1 hr)
Learn about the process of the Stages of Personalized Learning Environments that helps teachers dip their toes in personalized learning and reflect on their own learning. Understand how teacher and learner roles change and share stories of learner voice and choice. We will provide examples and stories from teachers and learners about these changing roles and the importance of their reflections and collecting evidence of learning.

Session #4: Where is Personalized Learning happening? (1 hr)
Visit virtually flexible learning spaces, transformative models, global perspectives, and hear stories from schools and districts who transformed learning with opportunities for learners to have a voice and choice. Learn about CBAM to discuss your concerns and hopes about personalizing learning.

Session #5: Why Personalize Learning? (1 hr)
Learn why it is important for learners to become self-directed, self-monitoring, independent, expert learners. Understand assessment as learning and the rationale behind personalizing learning. Connect the dots of your initiatives under the personalized learning umbrella.  This will culminate with your 60-second speech on why you believe we need to personalize learning along with your plans for the coming year.

We offer a discount to your school or district for 5 or more attendees.  

Email us (personalizelearn@gmail.com) if you would like us to set up the 5 W's eCourse for your teachers and administrators or would like your own 5 W's eCourse for your organization.

Section 5W116 (Winter) Now open -  starting 1/20 - Register Now 

Fall 5Ws Series 5W115 is on Thursdays [FULL] 
Th. - 9/18, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/13 [3pm PDT, 4pm MDT, 5pm CDT, 6pm EDT]  

What people are saying about the 5 W's eCourse

"I can't tell you how much this course has made me think much deeper into my practice and how though I am familiar with and use personalized learning in my room, there is so much more to learn and grow from. This course is well worth the time and provides great collaboration!" Lisa Treml Welch, K-1 co-teacher at KM Explore, Wisconsin 

"I loved the way the course flowed and provided a deep dive into what personalized learning is with a lens on the learners. The background information, theories, models and digital resources were invaluable to understanding the 5-W concepts of Personalized Learning. The webinars and discussions provided opportunities to interact with the presenters and other participants. I appreciated the choice of activities, which were engaging and really fun! I was inspired and motivated throughout the course and truly felt this was a personal learning experience!  Lori Roe, Instructional Technology Specialist, Cape Henlopen School District, Wilmington University, Delaware

"This was an excellent overview to help me understand what personalized learning is. I am at the point where I need help designing the infrastructure of a personalized learning classroom. Resources, in terms of sample standards based report cards, how to collect/store/document evidence of learning, and organizational systems that have worked for others are what I need for my next steps. I am very excited about personalized learning and will be teaching a multiage personalized learning class next year!" Haley Brisky, 4th grade teacher, Sugar Creek Elementary, Verona Area School District, WI

"I LOVED that this class was webinar based, allowing numerous staff to watch, learn, and discuss together. It was so beneficial and enlightening to chat with other educators, whether from the same school/district or from another state or even country! We had the opportunity not only to learn from Barbara and Kathleen, but other educators. The collaboration piece was ideal. I hope there are opportunities for more Personalized Learning classes like this?!?!" Andrea DeNure, 2nd grade teacher, Netherwood Knoll, Oregon School District, WI

"The readings were very helpful. The first readings on the research of personalized learning were quite long, but informational. I really liked putting PL into practice by completing a redesign of my room as well as doing learning profiles for some of my current students. Stemming from taking this class I was able to go and visit a personalized learning school for a day. This was a great add on to the class and I felt it was very beneficial for me to see PL in action! I would highly recommend school visits to other 5W's participants! I liked that this class was district wide, so we could hear about what was going on in different schools and grade levels in the chat. I am so happy I took this class and I know others will be too!" Molly Lawry, K-1 teacher, Country View Elementary, Verona Area School District, WI

"I liked: seeing your faces, posting and reading replies, online sessions, and watching the videos. I have no suggestions as this is the best online class experience I have had to date. The other day I was in my principal's office and we were talking about how to get teachers to make "The Shift"- I told him that everyone should have the opportunity to take this class! I made the shift a long time ago but after returning to a regular school, I needed encouragement to remember how to do right by the learners in my room! My favorite part so far was watching the video by Sir Ken; I ended up buying and am currently enjoying one of his books." Danette Carroll, 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Luella Middle School, Henry County Schools, GA

Conversations in the 5 W's of Personalized Learning eCourse

As part of our 5 W's of Personalized Learning eCourse, participants are sharing deep and thoughtful posts. These are just a few of the conversations...

“It is important to change teaching and learning for all learners to be inclusive of their learning preferences and "Personalised learning" allows students to make choices about how they access, learn and present their understandings because it is based on their interests, and takes in consideration their ability and background, therefore, meeting their own learning preferences.” Julie Hancock, Numeracy Coach/ Personalised Learning Leader, St. Brigids Catholic School, South Australia

"I very much like the concept of “expert learners.”  The UDL criteria for how expert learners learn, makes good sense (Resourceful, Strategic, Purposeful).  As I plan lessons, I hope I can keep these principles in mind and learn ways to provide an environment where they can develop. One thing I will try to do to foster expert learner skills and abilities is to use Vygotsky’s  ideas on the importance of social interaction. I think the challenge will be to encourage learning from each other while maintaining an environment where every learner can thrive without distractions."
Daryl Hanneman, School Psychologist, Grant Wood AEA, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“We should be honoring our learners, recognizing their interests and strengths and addressing their weaknesses. We should be authenticating learning opportunities so learners can build upon and produce content related to their strengths and interests. This will provide purpose so all learners can be contributing members of a school community.” Lisette Casey, Instructional Technology, Manitou School District, Colorado

“Learner ownership, central to personalized learning, empowers learners with skills and knowledge and tools to make learning manageable, meaningful and relevant. Learners have a "VOICE" and a "CHOICE" on what they learn.” 
Shraddha Nayak, High School Math Teacher, American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India

"A shift away from competition to collaboration is huge and must take place. With personalized learning, since every learner is pursuing his or her own interests and goals, we might move away from that. Learners can't compare scores on tests or traditional assessments if they're demonstrating their knowledge in completely different ways. We should shift culturally in education from being what I call 'success-driven' to 'learning-driven.' " Trey Korte, High School Language Arts and Drama Teacher, Kettle Moraine High School, Kettle Moraine School District, Wisconsin
"Shifting the focus from the teacher to the learner will take time and training, but it will also take the willingness to ‘unlearn’ what so many have been taught about student learning and teacher control. We can admire this dilemma for as long as we want, but the truth is, ‘the train has left the station’ and the learners are on it.
Jackie Johnston, Director of Alternative and Community Education, District 112, Minnesota

"It is not the learner that has lost the love for learning, it is our system that has not kept up with our changing world. How learners access information and gain knowledge has certainly changed, but, if anything, their NEED for information has grown exponentially." Lisa Welch, K-2 multi-age educator, Wales Elementary, Kettle Moraine School District, Wisconsin

Moving to a design based approach is a challenge because when things become difficult human nature dictates that we retreat to previous behaviours that we find familiar. The other challenge is ensuring that the systems and resources that they utilise a usable and accessible. As Norman Coombs said "Poorly designed systems can create new barriers to participation in society, but good universal design can empower everyone to participate as equals."  Greg Alchin, Collaborative Learning Technologies Officer, New South Wales, Australia, Department of Educations’ Rural and Distance Education Unit

"It seems to me that personalized learning will shift our focus from preparing learners for the future to allowing them to be who they are now. Why wait until they leave school to be creators of meaningful ideas? Why wait for them to be producers of ideas and inventions? Personalized learning will allow their time to be now." 
Kate O’Donnell, member of the 21st Century Innovation Team for Wallingford Public Schools, Wallingford, CT

"I have always considered myself a process-driven person, and constantly work that angle with students—“how did we arrive at this” and “why is this important” serve as cornerstones in this approach.  Personalized learning seems to be a shift of paradigms from the teacher modeling and defining the learning process, to the learner understanding the learning process in such great extent that they define their own path." Noah Weibel, History/Social Science Teacher, Savannah Middle School, Verona Area Schools, WI

"Learners can’t just "sit and get" in school. They are the seekers and finders. Learners are involved and active. Learners don’t want to be told what they need to do to pass, they want to have their curiosity satisfied regardless of any grade." Tricia Wersal, K-3 Teacher, Country View Elementary, Verona Area Schools, WIAnyone who has successfully completed the 5 W's eCourse will be invited to continue the conversations in the Personalize Learning Collaboratory, a Community of Practice for educators to share idea and resources. It is also a place to collect evidence around personalized learning. We will be doing action research around topics that the community wants to explore and bring in experts from around the world to share in the conversations. Participants have asked us to keep the course open after that section is completed so they can review the research and activities. So we do! 

Upcoming 5 W's of Personalized Learning® eCourse 
  • Henry County Schools, GA Cohort 3 - starting 10/14
  • Section 116 - Winter eCourse Tues. 1/20, 2/3, 2/17, 3/3, 3/17 [2pm PDT, 3pm MT, 4pm CT, 5pm ET and next day for most international participants]
  • Section 117 - Spring eCourse - Tues. 4/7, 4/21, 5/5, 5/19, 6/2 [2pm PDT, 3pm MT, 4pm CT, 5pm ET and next day for most international participants]
  • Section 118 - Summer eCourse - Tues. 6/23, 7/7, 7/21, 8/4, 8/18 [10am PDT, 11am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET and next day for most international participants]

    Sections in progress 5 W's of Personalized Learning® eCourse 
    • Section 115 - Fall eCourse [FULL] - Th. - 9/18, 10/2, 10/16, 10/30, 11/13 [3pm PDT, 4pm MT, 5pm CT, 6pm ET and next day for most international participants] 50 participants from Riverside USD, CA; Denver PS, CO; Westonka Public Schools, MN; The Moriah School, NJ; Oregon SD, WI; BRSU, VT; and Mt. Abraham UMHS, VT

    Completed Sections of the 5 W's of Personalized Learning® eCourse
    • Buncombe Schools, NC, Tues. 3pm ET, 12pm PT, 2pm CT, 6/24, 7/8, 7/22, 8/5, 8/26
    • Verona Area Schools, WI Cohort 4, Tues. 9am CT, 6/24, 7/8, 7/22, 8/5, 8/19
    • Section 114 - Oregon SD, WI; Summer eCourse open to anyone - Mondays - 6/23, 7/7, 7/21, 8/4, 8/19 -  10:30am PT, 11:30 am MT, 12:30 pm CT, 1:30pm ET
    • Henry County Schools, GA Cohort 2, Wed. 3:45pm ET, 5/7, 5/21, 6/4, 6/18, 7/9
    • Section 113 - FULL - 57 educators from Branson, MO; Oregon SD, WI; Elkhorn SD, WI; Punahou School, HI;. others around the country - Thurs. 5pm ET, 4/3, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15, 5/29
    • Henry County Schools,  GA: Tues. 5pm ET, 3/11, 3/25, 4/8, 4/22, 5/6
    • Verona Area Schools, WI Cohort 3: Wed. 4pm CT, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9
    • Section 110 - FULL - 45 Educators from several places: Oregon SD, WI; Westside SD, NE; and individual educators from California, Georgia, Australia, and Poland.Thursdays, Winter 2014. [1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/20, 3/6 - 2pm PDT, 3pm MDT, 4pm CDT, 5pm EDT] on Fridays for International participants 
    • St. Paul Public Schools, MN: 30 Educators Thursdays [9/19, 10/3, 10/10, 10/24, 11/7 - 3:00pm CDT, 4:00pm EDT, 1:00pm PDT]
    • Verona Area School District, WI - Cohort 2 48 Educators Wednesdays [9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6 - 4:00pm CDT, 5:00pm EDT, 2:00pm PDT]
    • Verona Area School District, WI - Cohort 1 - 48 Educators (Th, 11am CDT starting 6/27/13)
    • Section 106 - FULL [Registration Closed]Wed. [5/8, 5/22, 6/5, (Mon 6/17), 7/17] - 4:30pm PDT, 5:30 MDT, 6:30 CDT, 7:30 EDT; [Th. 5/9, 5/23, 6/6, (T 6/18), 7/18] - 9:30am in Sydney, Australia 
    • Kettle Moraine School District, WI 49 Educators (T, 4pm CST starting 3/26/13)
    • Eastern Carver County Schools, MN - 24 Educators (W 3:45 CST - started 2/20/13)
    • Section 102 - 35 Educators from CO, CT, FL, NC,  Australia, Mumbai (Th 6:30 EST, 3:30 PST - started 2/7/13) [Full]
    • Section 101 - Coaches and Educators from across Iowa  (T 3:45 CST) Last Session 2/26/13

    Sunday, February 24, 2013

    6 Steps to Personalize Learning

    The Six Steps to Personalize Learning is a hybrid course that includes three days on-site, three webinars and a Community of Practice with synchronous and asynchronous interactive activities. PD hours or Graduate Credit offered

    The Six Steps to Personalize Learning workshop can be personalized for your school, district, or region. We come to you to guide the process. Several of the ideas and strategies in the steps include:

    • Universal Design for Learning
    • Class Learning Snapshot
    • Personal Learner Profile
    • Class Learning Toolkit
    • Redesigned learning environments
    • A repository of transformed lessons and projects aligned to CCSS
    • Inquiry-based strategies
    • Skills to choose the appropriate resources and tools to support teaching and learning

    If you are planning to transform teaching and learning across your school or district, we  recommend key stakeholders to participate in the 5 W's of Personalized Learning first to build a common language and vision.

    Summary of the Six Steps to Personalize Learning

    Step One: Understand Who are your Learners and How They Learn Best
    We review how each generation processes information differently and how digital information has changed teaching and learning. We discuss the how and why people approach life depending on their mindset, the importance of failure to learn, unlearn, and relearn, and the skills needed to be college and career ready. Much of our research is based on Universal Design for Learning principles from CAST (ww.cast.org) to design the Class Learning Snapshot that guides what a teacher anticipates their learners strengths, challenges, aptitudes, interests, preferences, and needs. We introduce the Personal Learner Profile.

    Step Two: Design a Stage One Personalize Learning Environment (PLE)
    A Stage One PLE is teacher-centered with learner voice and choice. We introduce the different types of classroom learning environments. You will use your Class Learning Snapshot to determine the physical redesign of your classroom based on different examples of learning zones and flexible learning spaces. You will also build a Class Learning Toolkit based on the results of an inventory assessment of existing resources and from a repository of tools and apps that support learners in your classroom.

    Step Three: Develop a Universally-Designed Lesson
    Referring to the Class Learning Snapshot, you will transform an existing lesson using the Personalized Learning (PL) Lesson template. You will use the model and examples to assist you in establishing a learning goal for this lesson, how to unpack the Common Core State Standards with your learners, design a warm-up activity that will engage specific learners based on the Class Learning Snapshot. You will also universally-design the new vocabulary along with guided and independent activities as the framework of the lesson.

    Step Four: Facilitate Driving and Supporting Questions
    You will be referring to different resources and examples to explain why questions and inquiry are important to drive learning that encourages learner voice and choice. We will start out as the teacher with you as learners in the classroom bringing questioning to the forefront. You as learners will have a choose and prioritize driving and supporting questions. We will share examples of teachers using questions, display questions, and how to incorporate inquiry throughout teaching and learning no matter what grade or subject.

    Step Five: Choose and Use Tools, Resources, and Strategies for Teaching and Learning
    Using the Class Learning Snapshot (CLS), we guide you in how to select and integrate tools, apps, and resources to universally-design instruction and learning strategies. Considering the learners in your CLS, you will outline the learning strategies and skills in the lesson along with the skills from NETS (National Educational Technology Standards) for Students to create a Class Learning Toolkit (CLT). Personal Learner Profiles (PLP) of two learners will be used to demonstrate how to develop a Personal Learning Backpack (PLB) that will support the learners in achieving their learning goals in this lesson.

    Step Six: Use Assessment AS Learning
    You will develop a rationale why assessment as learning creates independent, expert and self-regulated learners. Expert learners and assessment as learning is the key for learners taking responsibility for their learning. You will be using the CLS as learners to collect evidence of learning during one lesson. Then you will design assessment strategies that include feedback loops, reflections, and other ongoing strategies such as ePortfolios and shared documents.


    As facilitators, we coach you in person and online as you apply the steps in your classroom. After the workshop is over,  you can continue ongoing discussions in an online Community of Practice (the Personalize Learning Collaboratory) with other educators from around the world. 

    To set up a workshop or questions, contact us: personalizelearn@gmail.com or use our Contact Form

    You can download the flyer at 6 Steps to Personalize Learning Flyer from Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey

    Thursday, February 21, 2013

    CBAM: Stages of Concern about Personalized Learning

    Change is not easy. If you are considering transforming to personalized learning environments, you may have concerns about the changes you have to do to make this work for you and your learners. If you are a coach or professional developer, you are working with teachers guiding them through the changes they need to do to personalize learning. This chart can help you determine what type of strategies to use to guide change about the following seven stages:

    Awareness      (do not know about or sure what Personalized Learning is)
    Informational  (tell me more about Personalized Learning)
    Personal         (concerned how Personalized Learning will impact them as a teacher)
    Management   (concerned about managing the classroom when learning is personalized)
    Consequence  (wants to know how Personalized Learning will impact teaching and learning)
    Collaborative  (looking forward to share with and learn from other teachers)
    Refocusing      (interested to support teachers and lead the way to personalize learning)

    Download the chart here: http://eepurl.com/fLJZM