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Personalized Learning at Mt. Abraham UMHS

You asked "what does personalized learning look like?" so we put together a free webinar series that will show you what it looks like in different learning environments around the world. 

Personalize Learning Webinar Series at Classroom 2.0

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Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School
Robin K, eleventh grader shared with us
blacksmithing at Pocock Rocks for Lee Beckwith
Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School in Bristol, Vermont provides learners opportunities to choose their own path to graduation. How do they do that? Meet the people who will share the spectrum of offerings at Mt. Abe and how learners select and drive their learning path and high school plans. Listen and learn from John H. Clarke, Lauren Parren, Caroline Camara, and Josie Jordan who are the architects of the Pathways Program. Robin Kuhns is an eleventh grade learner at Mt. Abe who will share what personalized learning means to him and his pathways to graduation.

John H. Clarke has worked for twenty years at Mount Abraham Union Middle/High School in Bristol, Vermont on personalization by helping develop the Pathways Program and wrote Personalized Learning: Student-designed Pathways to High School Graduation. John taught at the University of Vermont and Education Lab at Brown University where focused on improving secondary teaching, redesigning high schools, and the process of educational reform Read more in John's interview from August 2013.

Lauren Parren is the Innovation Coach for ANESU, a six-school district in rural Vermont.  She has been providing opportunities for students to personalize their learning since she began as a social studies teacher in 1976, including creating the Futures Academy at Mt. Abe with Josie and John over 10 years ago. 

Lauren tells us that her district is now planning to spread the work of Personalized Learning from the high school to the Pre-K through middle school worlds.

Josie Jordan has sought to personalize learning at Mt. Abe for the past 12 years. Working with John and Lauren, she helped design the Futures Academy and then helped design the Pathways program. In Personalized Learning, 

Josie acts as a student advisor, assessment designer, English HQT, and systems designer. She has helped to continually modify and adapt offerings to ensure student success.

Caroline Camara served for the past three years as Co-teacher Leader of Personalized Learning at Mt. Abraham & Director of Mt. Abraham Pathways Program. After 12 years working as an analytical chemist, she decided to switch careers and become an educator. 

Caroline is a science educator and advises learners in the Pathways Program to use the skills of science inquiry in their project work. Caroline also carries out the administrative aspects of the full-time Pathways program.

We would like to thank Steve Hargadon and Peggy George for graciously offering to use Blackboard Collaborate for our webinar series.

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