Monday, December 23, 2013

Kids Talk about Learning at The Inquiry Hub

The Personalize Learning Webinar Series presented The Inquiry Hub with David Truss and five amazing learners. The Inquiry Hub provides 9th through 12th grade learners an innovative, technology driven, full-time program that allows learners to pursue their own learning by shaping their educational experience around their interests and questions instead of structured classes.

We have written about The Inquiry Hub, shared their story in another webinar, and now that the school is in its second year, we wanted to ask the kids what it's like at their school. Dave found five amazing learners who eloquently shared their perspective of learning.

They shared their main reasons to coming to the Inquiry Hub and their biggest challenges at the Inquiry Hub.

Main reasons:
  • flexibility
  • self-paced
  • explore different interests
  • technology
  • can finish courses even faster
Biggest challenges:
  • being disciplined to get course work done
  • use time effectively
  • balancing work at home and work at school
Two great quotes and take-aways from this webinar:
  • learning how to learn to fail
  • learning differences not disabilities
Thank you Dave, Shauna, Joey, Sophia, Hannah, and Joshua!

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