Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Make Learning Personal Press Release


Make Learning Personal: The What, Who, WOW, Where and Why

Put learning back into the hands of the learner!

Amherst, NH, October 29, 2014 

Recognized authorities in personalized learning, with over three decades leading education innovation, co-authors Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey and co-founders of Personalize Learning, LLC, are on a mission to guide the transformation of schools to sustainable personalized learning environments. Their new book, Make Learning Personal, will create a powerful shift in classroom dynamics that guides all learners to become self-directed, self-monitoring, and self-motivated. Bray and McClaskey are passionate about transforming learning for all learners.

Their Personalization vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization chart became the foundation for building a common language around a belief system that focuses on the learner first. They developed a process using the Stages of Personalized Learning Environments that guides teachers as they dip their toes into personalized learning. These charts along with strategies, tools, examples, models, and learner's journeys are included in Make Learning Personal to provide a rich resource about learner-centered environments for teachers, administrators, parents, teacher education programs and learners. Make Learning Personal shares the latest research, models of personalized learning from around the world, and the strategies and tools to support the changing teacher and learner roles allowing any classroom, school, or district to successfully provide personalized learning for each learner.

"As an educator for more than 30 years, I have seen a myriad of ideas to improve education. Personalized learning could truly be the game-changer! Barbara and Kathleen have certainly done their homework in clearly defining what it means to personalize learning. They identify stages that can help teachers gradually adapt their role, moving from a teacher-centered classroom to a learner-driven environment. This book will serve as a valuable handbook as educators make the decision to empower their learners!"
Betty Wottreng, Director of Technology Services, Verona Area School District, WI

About the Authors

Barbara Bray is a Creative Learning Strategist who believes now is the time to transform teaching and learning. She is on a quest to facilitate change and design personalized learning environments.

Kathleen McClaskey is a Universal Design for Learning consultant, innovative leader and visionary in education who has been on a mission the last three decades to level the playing field for all learners.

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