Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Inquiry-based PBL and PL: #plearnchat 2/9/15

Every other Monday at 7pm ET, we host #plearnchat. We want to thank everyone for actively participating in our third chat on Inquiry-based Project-based Learning and Personalized Learning on 2/9/15. This was Trend #6 in the 10 Trends to Personalize Learning in 2015.
The big question we considered this question in the chat:"What are authentic ways for learners to engage in project-based learning activities?" 

The conversations were thoughtful and engaging. We learned so much from so many wonderful educators. The questions we asked included:
Q1. What is the difference between projects and project-based learning?
Q2 What are the big ideas learners should know?
Q3 What is the design process for PBL so learners drive their learning?
Q4 How do you encourage inquiry based around learners interests?
Q5. What PL qualities need to be part of effective PBL activities?
Q6. What are examples of exemplary project-based activities?
A few resources we shared before the #plearnchat on 2/9 on Inquiry-based PBL and Personalized Learning:
Congratulations to Gabrielle Marquette who won our book, Make Learning Personal!

Gabrielle is a practicing special educator at Enosburg Falls High School and a consulting teacher in rural Vermont. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses to teachers.

Gabrielle's website: inspiration4kidz@gmail.com

Twitter: @Gabster4500  

Next #plearnchat is Monday, February 23rd on Multi-age Co-Teaching - Join us!
Here's the archive of the #plearnchat on Inquiry-based PBL and Personalized Learning:

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