Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Convos about Shared Belief Systems

We want to thank everyone for actively participating in our chat on Shared Belief Systems on 4/6/15 #plearnchat. 

This is Trend #1 in the 10 Trends to Personalize Learning in 2015We put this as Trend #1 because culture in a school and our understanding of teaching and learning does not change unless we have a shared belief system. 

All stakeholders have a set of beliefs around teaching and learning yet they may not come together around a belief system they all agree with. Schools have to start off with a shared belief system to create the change.

Most of us only know about teaching and learning from when we went through the system as a student where we learned to be compliant and follow the rules. It’s easier to keep the status quo going and doing what we are used to be doing than changing how we teach. Change is hard, but change is necessary now for our kids and their future. 

The focus of the conversations in #plearnchat was around the big question: "Why is it important to have a shared belief system based on a common language of personalized learning?"

The format we used was the Q1, A1 format.  

We would like to congratulate Kellie Konrad who won our book, Make Learning Personal.

Kellie Konrad is a third grade teacher at EPiC Elementary in Liberty, MO. Kellie is part of a 3rd grade team with Kimberly Bennett where they encourage project-based learning and blogging.

Make sure you follow Kellie on Twitter: @KellieKonrad
Check out the 3rd grade team's website: 
Example video from Kellie's class: https://youtu.be/tIskCYQQ1gs 

Archive of #plearnchat of Shared Belief System on April 6, 2015

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