Monday, June 22, 2015

Personal Professional Learning

We had another fantastic #plearnchat with great conversations on June 22nd about teachers as learners and how they can own drive their own Personal Professional Learning. 

We were getting so many questions about how teacher roles change from our last #plearnchat that we brought up the idea of teachers taking control of their learning. The feedback was amazing and we received ideas for questions and conversations from around the world for today's chat. 

We had people from all over who really found this topic exciting. Teachers work so hard and summer is on its way for all of us in the northern hemisphere. So we decided to put the learning on you! The big question framed the conversations: "How do teachers support and drive their own learning?"

First thing we asked was what are the differences between traditional PD and Personal Professional Learning? 

Lisa Welch, @lt1teach came up with a great answer: "Traditional PD is given to you...Personal Professional Learning is something you seek.

Janet Chow, @beyondtech1 came up with "It's the difference between someone thinking you can't think on your own and being responsible to create your own path." 

The tweets were pretty similar and consistent throughout the chat with teachers ready for change. At the end, we asked participants to come up with two words that summarize teachers as learners too. So we created a wordle on the right with Tagxedo with everyone's two words. Tagxedo lets you create different shapes. 

Here are a few resources from our chat:
We would like to congratulate Staci McKee, @my4ccoa who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Staci is a 5th/6th grade Language Arts & Social Studies teacher at Conesville Elementary in the River View Local School District, Ohio. Staci loves reading and to introduce her learners to new books and authors each week. She also shared some great ideas in #plearnchat including how social media helps her learn: 

"Without my PLN and Twitter I would not have known about many of the Personal Professional Learning opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of. #plearnchat

Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks on Mon. July 6th at 7pm ET: 
Topic is UDL and Personalized Learning
Here is the archive of the #plearnchat on Personal Professional Learning:

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