Monday, June 1, 2015

Teacher and Learner Partnerships

We had another fantastic #plearnchat with great conversations on June 1st about teacher and learner partnerships with a wonderful group of people. The topic was from Trend #9 in the 10 Trends to Personalize Learning in 2015.

Personalized learning is all about building relationships. The partnership between teacher and learner is about understanding how they learn best using the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express.

The conversations are all about the learning, their interests, aspirations, and hopes; along with their strengths and challenges. A learner may share and reflect on learning in their Personal Learning Plans. This partnership says to the learner how much the teacher cares about them, their learning and their future. 32 states have begun to use Personal Learning Plans (PLP) or Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) with 21 states mandating for use with all learners.

At the end, we asked participants to come up with one word that summarizes teacher and learner partnerships and why they matter. That was fun!

Here are a few resources from our chat:

Congratulations to Steve Morrison who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Steve is a Core French Teacher implementing technology into the rotary French Classroom and uses Google Share option for kids to peer edit French work. He is an inclusive educator who integrates students with special needs into his Phys Ed program and was recognized with the "Inclusive Educator of the Year" award in 2009 for Halton District School Board (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Steve runs a touch football league at school entitled "Morrison's Real Morden Football League" (MRMFL) but that really stands for "Male Role Model Football League" as "at Risk kids" are drafted onto each team in the league. He is also a motivational speaker and presenter of technology in the classroom. 

Steve's Twitter is @mostats_mrmfl and his website: 

HEADS UP! Next #plearnchat is in 3 weeks on Monday 6/22 at 7pm ET
Next topic is Personal Professional Learning


Archive of #plearnchat on Teacher and Learner Partnerships from June 1, 2015

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