Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Changing and Building Culture

School culture shifts when teacher and learner roles change. Yet, this doesn't happen right away. Teachers only know what they know or were taught as learners themselves. There was a suggestion that the first few weeks of school can be the time to build relationships based on trust and respect. 
Then several participants came right back with the importance of building those relationships throughout the year, not just the first two weeks. The tweets were flying by so fast so that's why we make sure we archive the chat.

We used the Q1, A1 format with these questions.

Participants shared projects and strategies to encourage choice, that change culture and allow risk-taking. Here are a few examples:

Lee Araoz ‏@LeeAraoz
I assign this ALL About Me Project that offers student CHOICE. My kids LOVE it!!
Deb Caywood ‏@DebCaywood
You can't change culture w/o changing hearts & minds. My own beliefs & values are a great place to begin
Laurie Meston ‏@lauriemeston
Try a "Failure Wake" where risk taking celebrated. Participants tell why something failed & what they learned.
Minakshi Patel ‏@1925MP
Be the change to bring the change, let my S's shine with the strengths they bring 2 make our classroom community
During the chat, we encouraged participants to share resources, ideas, pictures, and examples.  Here are a few resources we shared during the chat:

    Congratulations to Janet Chow for winning our book, Make Learning Personal.
    Janet (@beyondtech1) works as a District Learning Technologies Helping Teacher and District Fast ForWord Coordinator in the Burnaby School District, BC Canada. Latest passion projects include creating collaborative online environments to share story and  connectedness and coordinating conversations in reflective learning

    Check out Janet's website: digisandbox.wordpress.com
    Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks on Mon. August 3rd at 7pm ET: 
    Topic is Leadership, Change and Personalized Learning
    Here is the archive of the #plearnchat on Changing and Building Culture

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