Monday, July 6, 2015

Universal Design for Learning and Personalized Learning

The #plearnchat about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Personalized Learning rocked! 

We decided to focus on how UDL is the framework of personalized learning. We received multiple questions about UDL so realized that this topic was not only popular but very controversial. We asked our friends to help us come up with questions, to find resources, and were so lucky that Bill McGrath @wlmcgrath3 from Montgomery County Public Schools, MD wrote a post about Expert Learners. 

After our fun times at #ISTE2015 in Philadelphia, we talked to so many amazing educators who talked about UDL and the connection to Personalized Learning. So we decided to put the learning on you! The big question framed the conversations: 

"Why is Universal Design for Learning the framework for Personalized Learning?"

Some excerpts from our chat on Universal Design for Learning and Personalized Learning:

Luis Perez, Ph. D.@luisfperez
"I think by nature we are creative and creators. Let’s remove the barriers to that for all learners."

Kaitlyn Smith ‏@Kaitlynsmith97  
"I think it's also crucial to view the learner as an individual; each person learns, grows and organizes in a unique way."

Lynn Spady ‏@lynnspady 
"I being given choices for my learning...I don't think the age of the learner matters. Voice & choice are great for any age."

Rik Rowe ‏@WHSRowe
"Personalized Learning with UDL is the SHIFT we need to make education meaningful and relevant."

The tweets were pretty similar and consistent throughout the chat with teachers ready for change.  So we created a wordle on the right with Tagxedo from most of the tweets. Tagxedo lets you create different shapes like a handprint. 

Here are a few resources from our chat:


We would like to congratulate Pam Hubler, @@specialtechie who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Pam has a Bachelors Degree in Specific Learning Disabilities for K-12 and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. She taught Special Education in Florida for 9 years then moved to 1st grade in an inclusion class for 5 years. She since moved to South Carolina where she is the Personalized Learning Coach at A.C Corcoran Elementary in Charleston.

"Currently I coach teachers to implement Personalized learning in their classrooms and integrate technology. I'm still enjoying this new challenge." 

Contact info for Pam


Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks on Mon. July 20th at 7pm ET:
Topic is Changing and Building Culture

Here is the archive of the #plearnchat on UDL and Personalized Learning:

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