Monday, August 24, 2015

Growth Mindset and Personalized Learning

Mindset, based on Carol Dweck's book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, is about how we learn to fulfill our potential. Growth Mindset, according to @GrantLichtman "is about valuing questions more than answers and to demand more of your students as learners." 

The conversations were so engaging that time just flew by. Before our chat, conversations were going around the Twitter world about how the system impacts mindset. So we read and shared @AlfieKohn's article Perils of the System and Growth Mindset and other resources on the system and developing a growth or fixed mindset. 

The big question: 
What factors need to be in place to foster and nurture a growth mindset?

We used the Q1, A1 format for the questions:

We continued to follow the conversations around this for several days before #plearnchat. Then we invited educators who we believed would want to delve deeper into mindset, the system and the teacher's role in affecting how a student feels about themselves as a learner. Here's a few of the tweets that stood out:
Brian Durst @RESP3CTtheGAME
Adults should model their learning, behaviors, and risk taking, then support learners' efforts.

Danya Davis @DavisDanya
I tell my learners, "Where you are today is okay" -- What is YOUR next step? Honest self-reflection is key!

L Murray @LMurray_
Build relationships with learners. What do they want to learn and why? Set goals or targets and reflect on process to meet them.

Mr.Loadman_HHS @LaudmanHHS
Model growth mindset and consistently require learners to articulate growth oriented goals to you as they embrace process. _____________________

Here are a few resources we shared in the chat:

Congratulations to Shelly Vohra @raspberryberet3 who won our book, Make Learning Personal!

Shelly Vohra is an Instructional Coach and PhD Candidate in Educational Technology for the Peel District School Board in Ontario, Canada. She has been an AQ Instructor for the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) which includes Math, Reading, ESL, Special Education, Media and presently instructing Math Part One. Her responsibility as an instructional Coach is to work collaboratively with classroom teachers by focusing on individual and group professional development that will enhance and refine the understanding about research based practices and instruction.  Shelly's Linkedin

Shelly's Website:

"Need to teach through inquiry approach; I teach through big ideas 
and related essential questions. There is no one right answer."
Shelly Vohra


Our next #plearnchat is in 3 weeks: September 14, 2015 7pm ET on topic:  
Full STEAM Ahead

Here is the Storify with the archives of chat on Mindset:

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