Monday, August 24, 2015

Guest Post: 5 Shifts to Learner Roles in a Personalized Learning Environment

by Jim Rickabaugh, Ph.D. - Director, Institute for Personalized Learning

Over the next few months, we will be engaging with the Institute for Personalized Learning in a series of joint posts on Learner Agency. Learner agency often gets left out of conversations on education transformation and even conversations about personalized learning. Yet it is a critical component in any attempt to personalize the learning experience with learners.

To introduce our readers to the Institute, we would like to share a link to one of their previous posts, 5 Shifts to Learner Roles in a Personalized Learning Environment. The post examines several ways in which learners and learning play different and expanded roles in an environment where the goal is to prepare learners for a future in which continuous learning and the ability to learn independently are keys to life and career success. Cutting through the hype and noise surrounding personalized learning, learners must do much more than memorize facts and accumulate information. We risk short-changing our learners if we fail to prepare them with skills for success when we are no longer present in their lives.

Check out the post and then watch our blog and theirs as we jointly explore the concepts around learner agency.


The Institute for Personalized Learning (@Institute4PL) works with school districts through a unique action network approach to create an educational ecosystem that is student-centered and personalized for each learner. Their model is based on change in three areas: learning and teaching; relationships and roles and; and structures and policies. For more information contact, or connect with them via Facebook or Pinterest.

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