Monday, September 14, 2015

Full STEAM Ahead to Personalize Learning

Traditional schools graduate people who are preparing for jobs that are no longer here. These are jobs where workers follow orders and may have one job for life. Those types of jobs are being outsourced or done by technology. Learners today are going to need critical thinking, problem-solving, and entrepreneurial skills. Most jobs today and in the future will be in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Now, employers are looking for creative and innovative people who think on their own. The new MBA (Masters of Business Administration) that businesses may be looking for could be the MFA (Masters of Fine Arts). The focus on STEM education will be STEAM. (The A is for Arts)

The #plearnchat on September 14 was about moving from STEM to STEAM. Through the research and discussions, we believed this was going to be an interesting topic for our personalized learning community. So we asked the Big Question: "Why does it make sense to apply the arts to STEM?"

We used the Q1, A1 format.

The conversations about STEM and STEAM were "steaming" in other twitter chats. So we invited educators who we believed would want to delve deeper into the arts and why it is important to promote STEAM in and outside of their schools. Here's a few of the tweets that stood out:

Andrea Kornowski @andreakornowski
Arts and creativity encourages innovation. I think of it as the spark that leads to innovation.

Staci McKee @my4ccoa
Any time the arts can be tied to curriculum it should be. I think it gives ss a "global" perspective.

Nadine Richards @naywheels
Industry operate efficiently using interdisciplinary approach, so should education.


Congratulations to Kathy Renfrew, @KRScienceLady, who won our book, Make Learning Personal.

Kathy is a former elementary teacher who now works as the K-5 Science Coordinator for the Agency of Education in Vermont. She works mostly with teacher leaders, and leadership teams. Kathy is a believer in the new science standards #NGSS and a believer that we are all learners.

"We should connect, integration of arts and #NGSS science. 
Great combination with lots of possibilities. :-)"


Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks on 9/28 at 7pm ET - Topic is "Learners NOT Technology"


Below is the archive of #plearnchat on STEM to STEAM

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