Monday, October 26, 2015

Connected Educators Personalize Learning

When you think of being a connected educator, you may not be thinking how this can personalize learning for you and your learners. Connecting to other educators means opening doors, making learning transparent, and sharing ideas and resources with others. It also means that you are learning from others locally and globally. You may be on Twitter, Voxer, Google Hangouts, or connecting with colleagues in your school or at a conference.

The world is at your fingertips and the connections you make help you grow as a learner yourself.  Since October is Connected Educator Month (#ce15), we decided to focus on Connected Educators and Personalized Learning using these questions:

The conversations about being a Connected Educator grew bigger with educators joining us from #ce15. It's amazing how #plearnchat is getting bigger and the convos are going deeper. The connections really matter. Here's just a few of the tweets from some new to #plearnchat:

Teri Henry @terirenee
Learners get excited to take charge. If we listen to them, they will lead us. That is hard to do, but it's best for the learners.

Trevor Bryan @trevorabryan
Learners & teachers grow when ALL voices are heard-that's how we grow and connect.

Anna Bartosik @ambartosik
The value of their connections is taking accountability/responsibility for their voice when communicating on social media.


Here are a few resources from participants that were shared in the chat:

Congratulations to Sheri Edwards, @grammarsheri, who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Sheri Edwards is a Technology Advocate and full-time middle school Language Arts teacher in a public school in rural Washington State. She is passionate for 21st Century teaching and learning and participated in the Teacher Leadership Project of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Sheri encourages readers and writers to blossom as they connect with other learners globally, considering others' ideas which is perfect for tonight's chat. 

"Reflect curiosity and wonder."
"Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness."


Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks on 11/9 at 7pm ET - Topic is "Future Ready"


Below is the archive of #plearnchat on Connected Educators and Personalized Learning

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