Monday, October 12, 2015

Fostering Connected Learners

When you connect online using social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, you may wonder how to incorporate these same tools with your learners.

That was the topic of our #plearnchat on October 12, 2015 where we asked several questions that discussed how to foster relevant connected learning and what it means to be a connected learner. Since this is Connected Educators Month, we joined forces and included the #CE15 twitter handle.

Educators from around the world jumped in at different times and blew us away with their comments. Here's the questions we asked:

We wanted to delve deeper into what it means to connect learners. Some of the conversations took the questions into why connecting needs to be purposeful and intentional, and others discussed how to change teaching strategies so learners take more responsibility for learning.

We decided to take the fall colors and theme that Pam Lowe @prlowe91 used to create the calendar and questions and create a wordle with the same colors.

The conversations were really jumping that a few people were joining us from other Twitter chats. So the conversations at this #plearnchat using #CE15 were very exciting for us. Here's just a few of the tweets from some people who joined us in their first #plearnchat:
Richard Bruford @richard_bruford
"You need to understand why the change is needed before entertaining What? And How?" 
Chris Younghusband @ChristineYH
"True. Relationships key to learning and risk taking. Must be authentic connections. Easy for some learners to hide."
Tim Hilborn @Scothutch
"The evolution of learning continues, today the ability to connect is like going to 1st grade and learning to work with others."
Matthew R. Morris @callmemrmorris
"Fostering a generation of connected learners means understanding what "being connected" truly means."
Matt Harris, Ed.D. @MattHarrisEdD
"Anytime learning that is collaborative outside of space and time is a huge opportunity for connected learning."

Here are a few resources we shared in the chat:

Congratulations to Tsisana Palmer who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Tsisana Palmer, @TechTeacherCent is originally from Russia. She moved to the United States in 2003, and since then she's earned an MA in Intercultural Communication from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and an MET in Educational Technology from Boise State University (BSU). She also holds certificates in Teaching English as a Second Language and Technology Integration.

Tsisana is currently teaching English as a Second Language to international students at Boise State University. Being a passionate educator, she strives to offer the best educational experience to her students. Her current interests include learner-centered teaching, student motivation, personalized learning, and passion-based learning.

She reflects on her teaching and learning on her blog
Tsisana's tweets from plearnchat: 
"Model! Use social media for connected learning, sharing, publishing, creating content. Many still use for trivial stuff."
"Building community, collaboration, sharing, inspiring each other-always connected in learning! My learners love our Facebook group."

Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks on October 26th, 7pm ET 
Topic: Connected Educators and Personalized Learning


Below is the archive of #plearnchat Connected Learners

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