Monday, November 9, 2015

Future Ready in a Personalized Learning Environment

With so many discussions around being Future Ready from the USDOE Department of Educational Technology, we wanted to jump into the discussions with a focus on personalized learning. 

We had questions about what Future Ready means for teachers and learners. Several of our friends reached out to us to question the focus on technology and to investigate where and how did personalized learning fit. So we decided to ask you in this #plearnchat. 

Here's three definitions from our chat:
Staci Mckee @my4ccoa
"Future Ready means school is preparing learners for jobs that have not yet been created." 
Shelly Vohra @raspberryberet3
"Skills over content, process over product, learning over performance."
April Wa @AprilWathen
"We need teachers and learners who are ready to implement technology in a meaningful way."
From those who jumped into #plearnchat and even a few that popped in from other chats, everyone agreed that technology is just a tool and the relationship between the teacher and learners is the most important. We pulled together questions around the big question "How can we ensure that Future Ready schools are learner-centered?"


Here are a few resources that were shared in the chat:

What do Future Ready Schools look like? from Edutopia 
FutureReady Toolkit for Empowering Educators

Congratulations to Angelo Truglio, @a_truglio, who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Angelo Truglio currently presents and leads workshops in Act Two of his education career. During Act One, he enjoyed 33 years as a public school music teacher in New York and taught elementary, middle school and high school. Angelo was Adjunct Professor at New York University (1988-1994) helping prepare young adults for the rigors of teaching in a middle and high school setting. He is recipient of the U.S. Department of Education Christa McAuliffe Grant, "Parents & Teachers as Partners." 

Angelo is founder of of "I Can Do That! Kids" where they strive to provide children with the tools they need to work smarter and have fun help them feel capable and ready for everyday challenges -- in school, at home or anywhere. 

I believe children are born “pros” at learning – watch those toddlers as they learn to walk! It’s up to all of us to sustain that innate drive they have to discover, try and try again, and to create learning experiences that lead to: “Look what I can do!” or, “I did it all by myself!”


Next #plearnchat Topic is "Transforming Spaces to Makerspaces"
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