Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ownership and Independence – The Keys to Learner Agency

by Jean Garrity, Associate Director, the Institute for Personalized Learning

Collaborative Blog Series on Learner Agency

As the fifth post in our blog series on Learner Agency, Jean Garrity shares about a visit to an elementary classroom in an urban district in southeast Wisconsin where she was drawn to an eight year old boy named William. William and his teacher decided the he wasn't very good at understanding informational text so he created his own informational text. Jean explains when learners move from teacher-directed activities to a position of ownership, they begin to see the real value of their work.

Jean reflected and provided strategies for teachers on the following questions:
  • How can educators support learners like William and increase their sense of ownership? 
  • How can educators help learners become more independent? 
Read Jean's entire post: Ownership and Independence – The Keys to Learner Agency on the Institute for Personalized Learning's website.


Collaborative Blog Series Learner Agency
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The Institute for Personalized Learning (@Institute4PL) works with school districts through a unique action network approach to create an educational ecosystem that is student-centered and personalized for each learner. Their model is based on change in three areas: learning and teaching; relationships and roles and; structures and policies. For more information contact, or connect with them via Facebook or Pinterest.

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