Monday, November 30, 2015

Transforming Spaces to Makerspaces

Makerspaces is all about creativity and providing opportunities for learners to design, build, make, test, and experiment using a variety of tools and materials. We reached out to @DianaLRendina to co-moderate #plearnchat on makerspaces. Diana is a Media Specialist/Librarian at Stewart Middle Magnet School in Tampa, Florida.

Diana is passionate about school libraries being places for students to discover, learn, grow, create, connect and collaborate. She shares her journey on her blog, Renovated Learning: Building a Culture of Creativity and Discovery in Education.  Diana has transformed her school’s library from a quiet, dusty, cluttered room into a vibrant and active learning space where learners want to be.

The Maker Movement is big and trending in education. Some say it's a fad and can be unrealistic for regular classroom instruction. Others believe that Makerspaces are the way to bring back creativity, joy, and fun to learning and not only about the spaces. So we decided to reach out to our PLN to ask the following questions about Makerspaces and Personalized Learning:

This was a fun #plearnchat with amazing educators from around the world. Here's a few we wanted to share with you:

Laura Fleming @NMHS_lms joined in on the convos and shared her book World of Making

Jess Longthorne @LongthorneJess
"Use school library space. Hoping to branch out to classrooms, hallways. Any open space as our #makerspace is mobile

"MikeCan @edtechtribune
Makerspacers!! > 7 Successful Products to Emerge From San Francisco's TechShop

Karly Moura @KarlyMoura Tips, resources and more on #makerspaces

Knol Infos @knolinfos
Please check <===> … <===> #PLEARNChat


A few more resources for you from the chat:
Digital Makerspaces on Symbaloo via @shannonmmiller
Key Qualities for a School #Makerspace
What is a #Makerspace? Is it a Hackerspace or a Makerspace?

Congratulations to Shawna Ford, @ShawnaFord1, from Weatherford ISD, TX in winning our book, Make Learning Personal

Shawna Ford is the Future Ready Learning Coordinator in Weatherford ISD. She has over 20 years experience in education, the last four years as a teacher-librarian. Shawna believes strongly in students having a voice and playing an active role in the development of library programs. She established student advisory committees to create such things as the library makerspace and after-school programs.

Shawna recently moved from the library at Curtis Elementary ( into her new position at the district. 

"Put things out there and let them figure it out! 
I try to stay a step or two behind learners and let them teach me."


Next #plearnchat Topic is "Learner Agency: the Missing Link"

In 2 weeks on Monday, December 14
7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT


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