Monday, January 11, 2016

Moving From Standardization

How do you overcome the status quo and move to Personalized Learning?
That was our Big Question in #plearnchat on January 11, 2016 as we engaged with educators about how to Move From Standardization.

We discussed important issues such as; vision and belief systems, opportunities for learners' creativity and innovation and how assessments would change when making the move toward personalized learning.

Tom Whitford, a Wisconsin educator and former Elementary & Middle School principal for 12 years, was our co-host and asked thought-provoking questions of our PLN such as;

"Are you too busy to improve? Too many other initiatives?
Personalization means weighing what is important."

We touched on the idea that using content standards is not the same as standardization. When our discussion leads educators to say the following, we've had a good night: 

Debby Atwater @atwaterd
"I think content standards and standardization are two different ideas. No?" 

Carlie @cstigler28
"Great comment/question, I'll have to think more about this." 
We even had a few challenges such as this one by Heidi MacGregor @hhmacgregor:
"You need a variety of assessment methods. Challenge: how to put in a standard report card?"

We designed the questions with Tom around the Big Question and used the Q1, A1 format.

We were curious about others' belief systems and how their learning environments created a vision about learning. We also wondered if those visions or missions included personalized learning, creativity or innovation. We also discussed "one size fits all" learning. This was a very active #plearnchat that began trending on Twitter! Here are a few of our PLN's responses about vision, creativity and standardization:

Starr Sackstein @mssackstein
"Every child learns differently - requires different help & wants to feel proud, so the classroom must make space for that success."

Mr. Troy Decker @MrTDecker
"Schools should model society. Is there anything (truly effective) in society that is one size fits all?"

David Truss @datruss
"It is no longer our job to create factory workers and compliant employees... and it has not been for quite some time."

Rachel Murat @MrsMurat
"Nothing innovative end comes out of a comfort zone."


A few resources for you from the chat:

District Conditions to Scale Personalized Learning
We Can Do Better Than One-Size-Fits-All Education - Nick Donohue, Nellie Mae Ed Foundation


Congratulations to Melissa Emler from Potosi, WI who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Melissa Emler @MelissaEmler, host of On The Vendor Floor, strives to engage educators and entrepreneurs in conversations that enhance learning. 

Melissa interviews entrepreneurs from the Ed Tech community about their classroom solutions just as if these conversations were happening on the vendor floor of a major conference. The goal is to bring the vendor floor to educators not in attendance. Education is changing faster than most of the world is ready to accept, and Melissa is here to help bridge the gap.

"We must design for the margins...and involve them in the design. What is essential for some is good for all!"

"The economy is changing...#plearnchat this need for
change is bigger than an "education" movement."


Next #plearnchat Topic is "Learner Voice"
with Megan Harrington from the Nellie Mae Ed Foundation

Join us in 3 weeks on Monday, February 1st
7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT


We would love to continue the conversation with you in our comments. We archive the entire chat below using #storify for you.

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