Monday, March 7, 2016

Design Thinking and Personalized Learning

Tonight in #plearnchat we had an inspiring conversation among educators interested in Design Thinking and Personalized Learning. We began trending as ideas and resources flowed throughout our chat based on our Big Question: 
How does the design thinking process encourage creativity and collaboration?

In tonight's chat we used the Q1, A1 format with these questions:

  1. How does design thinking help create meaningful solutions for active learning? 
  2. How can teachers help learners define a problem or challenge using the design thinking process? Where does empathy fit in?
  3. How can the design thinking process impact learning spaces and personalized learning to encourage deeper, active learning?
  4. How can learners generate ideas from identifying problems to creating solutions? Why is this important?
  5. How can building a prototype start conversations and test possibilities?
  6. How might teachers take on the mindset of learners to ensure they are designing learning that challenges thinking and encourages creativity?
  7. What examples and models of design thinking can you share?

Thanks to Christopher Good, @cgooddesign for being the co-host for 3/7/16 #plearnchat on design thinking. 

Chris is Creative Director at One Work Place in Santa Clara, CA, is a design thinking advocate and teaches workshops on the influence of design. Previously Chris was Principal and Vice President at KSA Interiors in Richmond, VA working with Fortune 500 corporations and state and federal government agencies.

In 2015 Chris was invited to join IDEO as a Build Partner for the Teachers Guild where he worked alongside teachers, school districts, and organizations including the Office of the First Lady. Most notably he worked with Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher initiative to help students on their path to and through college.

One Workplace @owplearn
Teachers Guild @TeachersGuild

We also would like to thank Amber Joseph, @oneworkplace, who was a co-host with Chris. What a wonderful job both of them did keeping the conversations going and sharing so many resources!

Our conversation covered various aspects of the design thinking process and many shared ideas and resources regarding how to help learners define problems. We engaged in deeper learning as we discussed encouraging learners to generate ideas and how teachers can manifest the mindset of learners. We especially love when our PLN walk away with new ideas and resources that they plan to implement tomorrow! 

Rik Rowe @RoweRikW said it best, “Tonight's #pLearnChat archive is one we will value!”

Some thought provoking posts by our chat participants were:

David Buck @dbuckedu 

"Deep learning can be a direct result of learners pursuing Qs they find meaningful, interesting, or even beautiful."

Adrianne G. Williams @Williaa14

"Teachers must feel comfy with possibility of failing. Test runs are key to building better #designthinking space.:

Alan Tenreiro @AlanTenreiro 

“Creative ideas are often met with a list of limitations - design thinking imagines a world without limitations.”

Erin English, Ed.D. @eenglished

"Prototyping is reality. Rarely do things work the first time. Prototyping teaches perseverance"

Chris Quinn @ChrisQuinn64 

“Teachers can take on the mindset of learners by learning from and with their students’s experiencing the learning journey together.”

Resources for a background on Design Thinking 

Introduction to the Design Thinking Process (dSchool Stanford)
Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit (IDEO)

Congratulations to Mark Levine for winning our book, Make Learning Personal

Mark Levine has taught middle school social studies heavily steeped in literacy for 16 years. He is a strong advocate for the workshop model in all classes and personalized learning experiences. His ideas stem from his 11+ years as a child-psychotherapist and desire to understand the way a developing child grows emotionally and cognitively.

In his years teaching, he has become an educational theorist and has taken his thinking and theories on the road to presentations and consultations in the midwest. He is writing various Professional Development books at this time and teaches at Lukancic Middle School in Romeoville, Illinois.

Twitter: @LevineWrites

Save the Date

Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks Monday, March 7, 2016
at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT

Topic is "The Educator with a Maker Mindset"
with co-host Jackie Gerstein, @jackiegerstein

We would love to continue the Design Thinking conversations with you in our comments. We archived the entire chat below using #storify for you.

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