Monday, April 4, 2016

Voice, Choice and Authentic Learning

#plearnchat had the ingredients to inspire educators from around the world to share their thoughts about passion-based learning, how to encourage learner choice, and how to give learners an authentic audience. So much so, that we were still trending as we wrote this post.

Thanks to David Truss @datruss for being the co-host for the April 4th, 2016 #plearnchat on Voice, Choice and Authentic Learning.

David is an educator (Vice Principal) with Learning Innovations Network Coquitlam (LINC) for School District #43 ~ Coquitlam, BC, Canada. His primary responsibilities are to Coquitlam Open Learning and the new blended learning Inquiry Hub Secondary School

You can find more about David on his blog,, his podcasts, and his website,

A few resources from David:

The Adaptable Mind

The #plearnchat was around one big question:

What happens when learners move from “doing school” to “authentic learning?”

We asked six questions of our participants and one that we’d like for you to consider is: 

How do you know when learners are learning?

This is an important question for all educators to ask themselves. It’s a question that we must know the answer to before we make assignments and engage learners in their learning. It leads to another important question, like; what should be done if we discover learners aren’t learning? 

Here’s what some of our PLN had to say about how they know when learners are learning:

Angelo Truglio @a_truglio

"When students are asking the questions, seeking next steps. When they've made it THEIR mission, not your assignment."

Tom Whitford @twhitford

"When students begin asking more questions about their learning. When students ask for additional tools to find answers." 

Lisa Guardino @LisaGuardino

"Students are learning when they begin to reflect on their learning, they ask deep questions, and show passion about their work." 

Jen Hegna @jenhegna

"They respond correctly to questions, they create products that represent their learning, They discuss logically with others."

            Congratulations to Kory Graham @korytellers for winning our book,
            Make Learning Personal

            Kory, who after 20+ years of classroom teaching in all levels K-6, is now in her inaugural year of being the Innovations Specialist at Byron Elementary in Byron Public Schools in SE Minnesota. Making this exciting jump allows her to pursue her passion.

            She is extremely passionate about improving teaching and learning through technology. Kory thinks anything can be fixed with a good attitude, a cape, and some Booyah!

            Kory's blog is and website she uses in her classroom is  - she also uses the hashtag #korytellers

            Save the Date

            Next #plearnchat is in 2 weeks Monday, April 18th, 2016

            at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT, 4pm PT

            Topic is "Continuum of Engagement"

            with the PL Team

            We would love to continue the Voice, Choice and Authentic Learning conversations with you in our comments. We archived the entire chat below using #storify for you.

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