Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Voice Develops Agency Conversations

Our topic for tonight’s #plearnchat was based on our Continuum of Voice that we adapted from Toshalis & Nakkula research. Research and experience has taught us when learners’ views are respected and their voices are cultivated, they develop a sense of proprietorship and engagement in their learning. With this in mind, we wanted to explore the concept of how voice develops agency with our PLN.

One thing that was apparent as educators chimed in with their ideas and thoughts was that not only should teachers know their learners, but learners should know themselves in order to share their voices and to be able to advocate for themselves. Ideas flowed through the chat concerning how to help learners lead change in and out of school. Educators are concerned about their learners continuing to grow even after they leave their classroom and continue their education.

The days of learning happening only within the capsule of a classroom for nine months are no longer the norm as students become learners. Today’s learner is learning 24/7 while garnering knowledge from a variety of sources in and outside the classroom walls. It’s natural that learners want to share their voice in their learning and be able to advocate for themselves.

Question 2 in tonight’s chat addressed the crux of our conversation by asking why it is important for learners to have a voice in their learning. Megan Harrington from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation shared this article, “What’s Missing From The Conversation About Education Reform? Student Voices”.

Other educators had this to say about the importance of learners’ voices: 

Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1
"Each child learns differently and we have to ask and find out how they learn." 

Mrs. Emily Walsh @Mrs_Walsh_
"Students gain agency and ownership when they have a voice - they WANT to learn."

David Truss @datruss
"Curriculum should be 'uncovered' not covered...

Pam Hubler ‏@specialtechie
"Unpack the standards together, discuss what mastery is, then let them give you a proposal on how to show it."

Travis Works ‏@crcsme
"Learners can choose & unpack their goal > Need to know, evidence, complex reasoning skill, and habit of mind. Let them drive!"

Congratulations to Susan Zanti for winning our book, Make Learning Personal.

Susan Zanti, @SusZanti5, has enjoyed teaching middle school English at both Mercer and J. Michael Lunsford Middle Schools in Loudon County Public Schools, VA. She has served as an LCPS mentor, lead mentor, drama sponsor, PBIS team coach, BTI presenter and Best Practices instructor, homebound and summer school teacher.

Susan is currently in her second year as a Secondary Instructional Coach for Loudoun County Public Schools where she supports teachers in PBL, OTTW, Personalized Learning, Whole Child teaching and learning, alternative learning environments, Instruction and Classroom Management. Susan shared with us that "mentoring and coaching, teaching and learning are my passions, they are not what I do, they are who I am."

"Every relationship you build is a seed planted in the garden of learning, nurture every seed."

Some other resources shared in the chat:

CompetencyWorks ‏@CompetencyWorks shared:
How #teachers at Goodwin #Elementary transitioned to personalized, #competencyed http://ow.ly/4n6Edn

StudentsAtTheCenter ‏@StudentCntrHub
Here’s a PD toolkit to help teachers build motivation, engagement, and #stuvoice http://studentsatthecenterhub.org/resource/motivation-engagement-and-student-voice-toolkit/

iNACOL ‏@nacol
How states build local capacity to implement #personalizedlearning http://ow.ly/Xjh1300eORB

Nellie Mae Foundation @NellieMaeEdFdn shared:
This pretty much sums it up. http://bit.ly/1UYqe0J @dillon_jim

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We archived the entire #plearnchat about Learner Voice below for your convenience and as a resource.

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