Monday, May 2, 2016

UDL: The Lens to Personalize Learning

Tonight’s topic in #plearnchat was particularly important to us as we believe that Universal Design for Learning is the framework to personalize learning. All learners bring to every learning experience a multiplicity of talents, interests, and needs. In fact, neuroscience informs us that each learner's uniqueness is as distinctive as their fingerprints.

Learning for all learners is about access and how learners process information, how they engage with the content and use what they learn, and how they express what they know and understand. Not only is there a variability in learners, there is variability in learning as a learner learns. We have been taught to design learning environments for the average learner.

Learners vary on many dimensions of learning and our current education system is not age-appropriate. Fortunately, UDL guides the design of the environment so that it is flexible enough to address variability. UDL happens both in the design of the learning environment and in the use of the design to facilitate the appropriate, dynamic interaction between the learner and context. We had an engaging discussion about UDL and learning. We came up with six questions and used the Q1, A1 format. 

Here are a few of the tweets that we wanted to share with you where our participants shared their thoughts about UDL as the lens to personalize learning:

Mark Levine @LevineWrites

UDL is like a workshop that demands a myriad of space designs for learning and growing.

Shelly Vohra @raspberryberet3

UDL allows for a more open curriculum; need multiple entry points based in learners’ need; how do they want to learn?

Cheryl Oakes @cheryloakes50

When teachers plan to differentiate, we dictate how the student will access their education. When teachers use UDL the learners have choice.

Carol Frey Reinagel @MrsReinagel

UDL allows the learners to have a voice. We provide curriculum and objectives, the learner provides the pathway.

Congratulations to Patti Flynn for winning our book, Make Learning Personal.

Patti L. Flynn M.S. a team at Albemarle High School in Virginia with 10 years of teaching experience. she is endorsed in 6 different areas, and holds a Master of Science in Special Education, and another Master of Science in Educational Leadership. She is a huge music buff, and in her free time enjoys spending time with her children, or watching crime TV.

Follow Patti on Twitter @Ms_PFlynn

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We archived the entire #plearnchat about UDL as the lens below for your convenience and as a resource.

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