Monday, August 15, 2016

How can Kids Own the Learning?

Ownership of learning is the ultimate goal in grooming learners to engage in academic tasks and be persistent in learning. Learners need to develop the capacity to shape and manage their learning without over-reliance on the direction and control of others. We created our Continuums to demonstrate how you can develop agency to become a self-regulated learner.

The Continuum of Ownership shows how learners can develop the skills to be self-directed, self-regulated learners who are able to monitor their progress and make connections with prior learning. These learners can choose and use the appropriate technologies for the task and are motivated by mastering their own learning. If learners continue to learn in these environments, the anticipated results will be learners with agency who are truly prepared for their future, college, career, and life.

We use the Q1, A1 format. One pertinent question we asked tonight of our PLN was,

How do we help learners realize the value in owning their learning?”

Tsisana Palmer @TechTeacherCent

"By starting asking about their passions, dreams, inspirations - and taking from there! Motivation & Relevance are key."

Shelly V. PhD @raspberryberet3

"Reflection is essential; have students blog once a week; assessment as learning is also important."

Kate P @k8_believe

"Start with their questions and curiosity. Explore. Design thinking. Embrace new and unknown."

Carol Frey Reinagel @MrsReinagel

"Show them! Teachers need to walk them through process as a coach, not their problem solver. They see their success and pride."

Each question brought amazing discussions that pushed the conversations deeper. Here's a few more quotes:

Kelly Christopherson @kwhobbes

"For too long great ideas/insights been ignored/overlooked because they didn't 'fit' with system initiatives." 

Spiri Howard @itsmeSpiri

"Encourage goal setting and reflection, provide opport. for ongoing self-evaluation and constructive, specific feedback." 

Trish Donlin @donlin_trish

"We coach them to the edge of their learn, sharing the mindset of growth."

Congratulations to Renee White who won our book, Make Learning Personal

Renee White, @RaRaPenguin, is a first grade teacher at Laurel Park Elementary School in Apex, NC. She has taught many grades for 15 years, is AIG certified and has a Master's Degree in Reading. She lives in Raleigh with her amazing son, daughter, husband, and dog. 

"Give students the chance to value their learning and teach them to reflect on it."

Renee enjoys seeing children learn, explore, create and problem solve. She is a big fan of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics), genius hour, makerspaces, innovation, learning from failures and creator of #TootingTuesday. Renee wants to prepare her students for the future and is excited to connect them to the world through Buncee Buddies, Seesaw student blogs, and other global opportunities. Renee desires for students to share the positive in education through these media by "tooting" on each other. 

Twitter: Mrs. White @RaRaPenguin
School hashtag: #lpeswake
Class Website:
​Class Twitter: @Whites1stGrade
​Class hashtag: #livLAP

Our new book, How to Personalize Learning, is to be released Fall 2016. We discuss how to encourage voice and choice by having learners create Learner Profiles, Personal Learning Backpacks, and Personal Learning Plans with the teacher as a partner in learning. We delve into deeper learning around learner agency and bring in the Continuums including the Continuum of Ownership. How to Personalize Learning is now available for pre-order at a discount.

Both of our books are available with a 20% discount from Corwin before August 31st with this code N167B9.

Save the Date: Monday, August 29th

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST and 7pm EST

Our next #plearnchat: Tips to Build a Culture of Learning

We archived the entire #plearnchat about Continuum of Ownership below for your convenience and as a resource.

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