Monday, October 24, 2016

Dipping Your Toes into Personalized Learning

The focus of #plearnchat folded in the season of haunted houses and Halloween. When we first introduced our Personalization vs. Differentiation vs. Individualization (PDI) chart, some teachers were fearful of jumping in. Personalized Learning looked too scary. So this chat was about not being afraid to transform teaching and learning, because you can start small by dipping your toes into personalized learning using the Stages of Personalized Learning Environments.

"Start Small to Dream Big"
Bryan Bronn @bronnb

We thought of Bryan's quote when we came up with the big question:

We used the Q1, A1, format with the following questions:

The conversations were streaming by in this chat so fast that the hour just flew by. What an amazing group of educators from all over the world shared so much. We chose a few quotes from the chat to share with you. We do encourage you to check out the storify archive at the bottom of this page.

Nellie Mae Ed. Foundation @NellieMaieEdFdn

"We see #personalizedlearning as one of four tenants of #studentcentered learning. Learn more at"

Mike Mohammed @Mo_Physics

"Many think Personalized Learning is the process of removing challenge and rigor from instruction. But actually it is about removing systemic obstacles."

Noa Daniel @noasbobs

"Sharing is the best way to help embed a learning culture. Instead of "another" way, it can become THE way." 

Kevin Foley ‏@FoleyKev

"In my school STEAM Room learning is often pupil led. Dont underestimate the power of pupil led learning."

Lisa Murray ‏@LMurray_

"Build relationships. Talk with students. Check progress and talk about what they are doing well. Get to know them."

Brian Anton @FHS_Anton

"Allowing teachers the freedom to tinker and experiment within reason. Encourage them to build on what works with small changes."

Gabrielle Marquette @fearlessteachrs

"We are doing #efhsinnovationhour instead of faculty meetings. Teachers need to experience personal learning."

Colleen @bergincolleen

"Encouraging voice and choice in learning is easy with research papers in my class. Wish we weren't restricted to books."

Congratulations to Dr. Lynell Powell, @drjoy77, for winning our book, Make Learning Personal

Dr. Lynell Powell currently serves as a professional learning specialist in the Office of Professional Growth and Innovation in Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Her primary role is supporting a group of teachers, called Design Fellows, in exemplifying what personalized learning could look like in a variety of classrooms. She is most grateful to the leadership in Virginia Beach City Public Schools who has given her an opportunity to work with such an amazing group of teachers. She is also passionate about joy in schools and writes her own blog .

Personalized Learning in Virginia Beach City Public Schools: 
Follow the hashtag #vbplearn to see examples of personalized learning in action from the design fellows.

Design Fellows Up Close and Personal
Domain 1 Education Competencies for Personalized Teaching

Lynell Powell, Ed.D.

Professional Learning Specialist
Office of Professional Growth and Innovation

"Allow students opportunities to reflect. Give them space."
"Gathering student feedback is essential."
Dr. Lynell Powell

Our new book, How to Personalize Learning, has launched. Yeah! This book is your practical guide to getting started and going deeper with personalized learning. Chapter Eight is all about learner agency across the Stages of Personalized Learning Environments.

How to Personalize Learning is now available.

Save the Date: Monday, November 7th

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST and 7pm EST

Our next #plearnchat Topic: Launching How to Personalize Learning

Big Question:
How can teachers create an environment that personalizes learning for all learners?

We archived the entire #plearnchat about the Stages of Personalized Learning below for your convenience and as a resource.

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