Monday, November 7, 2016

Getting Started and Going Deeper When Personalizing Learning

Our new book, How to Personalize Learning: A Practical Guide to Getting Started and Going Deeper, was just released on October 18th, 2016. We have been getting amazing feedback from so many that we decided to share our excitement with fantastic educators who joined us in our #plearnchat on 11/7/16.  We went through our book and came up with some general questions using the Q1, A1 format:

We wanted to share a few of the insightful tweets from the conversations around personalizing learning with you.

Brian Anton ‏@FHS_Anton

"Common beliefs/language allow for all stakeholders to understand expectations and common goals."

Jay Eitner @Jay_Eitner

"A common language is paramount for every learner, parent, and student. It keeps everyone focused and on the same page!"

Pam Hubler ‏@specialtechie

"The what, how and why of learning. The only way to create buy-in and ownership of learning. Best practices work for all."

Shelly Vohra PhD @raspberryberet3

"Learners need to know 'why'; why do I need to learn this? Why should I learn this?"

Lisa Murray @LMurray_

"Learning styles may limit students by relying on one mode. Different activities/skills may require different strategies."

Andrea Kornowski @andreakornowski

"Agency helps to build college and career readiness skills and success later in life. More agency = increased engagement."

Carol Frey Reinagel @MrsReinagel

"Agency is about being purposeful, which gives them buy-in and motives learners to learn more deeply."

Colleen Bergin @bergincolleen

"Choice boards, allowing learners to choose how to demonstrate mastery of skill, give feedback on activities to improve."

Rachel Murat @MrsMurat

In inquiry learning ask learners to compare responses to non Googleable questions. Why did they answer that way? What's different?"

David Truss @datruss

"We need students and educators to Care, Share, and Dare!"

Congratulations to Charity Dodd, @CharityDodd, for winning our book, How to Personalize Learning

Charity Dodd @CharityDodd, Specialist in Learning and Leading for Battelle for Kids, leads the Professional Learning work stream to engage with twenty-seven school districts in Ohio to help increase student achievement.

She has over 15 years experience in education at all levels. Her goal is to improve teacher effectiveness to college and career readiness for students, and encourage collaboration among school districts in Ohio.

Charity accelerates college and career readiness within schools by providing professional development in career pathways, teacher leadership, improving teacher effectiveness, formative instructional practices, student motivation.

"Schools (teachers, administrators, students, parents, community) must know the goals and how personalized learning supports them."

"Agency is such an important life skill! We cannot "spoon feed" students. They need to be empowered...all students!!" 

Our new book, How to Personalize Learning, has launched. Yeah! This book is your practical guide to getting started and going deeper with personalized learning.  Corwin has offered our followers a 20% discount code. Go to Corwin Press and use the discount code N169O6 for your own copy.

Save the Date, Monday, November 14th for our next #plearnchat

4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, and 7pm EST

We archived the entire #plearnchat about Getting Started and Going Deeper into Personalized Learning below for your convenience and as a resource.

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