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Global Collaboration Projects

"Modern learning must be global, providing intercultural understanding and collaboration to personalize learning, achieve curriculum objectives and bring the world to students. This calls for a shift in pedagogy, a shift in mindset and the integration of digital and online technologies." 
---The Global Educator

It was wonderful that Julie Lindsay, author of The Global Educator, and Linda Ullah who designs global projects and online courses were our guest hosts for the May 22nd, 2017 #plearnchat. Here are quotes from our guest hosts.

Linda Ullah @Linda_Ullah
"Globally literate people understand diversity, culture/language allowing them to live/work together in peace. 
Give students the opportunity to become aware of and appreciate each other’s cultures."

Julie Lindsay @julielindsay
"A modern learner is connected, communicates reliably and “flattens” walls to enhance learning. 
A global education leader has many guises - a teacherpreneur, an outlier, a learning concierge - less hierarchy, agile leadership."

The questions on the back cover of The Global Educator helped us consider more questions. How do we navigate these new waters of networked learning? What model can be developed for globally connected learning that will support classroom teachers, education leaders and higher education? So using these questions and more, we came up with this big question:

"What can educators do to guide learners to connect and grow as global citizens?"

We used the Q1, A1 format with the following questions:

The conversations were fun and engaging with a twist. It seems like Twitter changed some privacy settings so some people and their tweets didn't show up in the feed. We recommend checking your privacy settings and turning off protected tweets if you plan to participate in a Twitter chat. We searched and finally found the missing tweets and added them to the Storify archive below. We appreciate the quotes and participation from so many awesome educators who we added here plus we included some graphics on global collaboration from Julie.

Meredith Johnson @mjjohnson1216
"Children without the benefit of growing up with cross cultural relationships can develop deeper understanding from online community."

Lisa Guardino @LisaGuardino
"So many skills can be learned and modeled through teacher and student collaboration. But most of all, it builds empathy."

Francois Provencher @jfprovencher27
Emerging technologies help in providing tools to meet outcomes. However, the technologies are not the "why": they are the "how".

Jodi Moskowitz @JodiMos
"In today’s world it's essential for students to be connected in authentic ways. This is today’s world. School must match the real world!"

Shelly Vohra, Ph.D. @raspberryberet3
"Helps to develop important skills like communication, problem solving, examining different perspectives, thinking, but most important are the habits of mind; empathy, fair mindedness, open mindedness."

Bonnie Lathram @belathram
"All learners on the planet deserve relevant and meangingful learning opportunities. This is the imperative."

Mollie Nye @mollienye72
"While learning to appreciate/honor/value our uniqueness and differences, we also see our similarities."

Noah Geisel @SenorG
"When Global Collaboration is done well, I think it's the bedrock of learning that will be remembered in 10+ years, because it's still impacting lives." 

Anne Mirtschin @murcha
"Leadership styles are changing. They are becoming more organic, collaborative, global & for anyone who is passionate."

Christine Rogers EdD @TheChristineRog
"Before becoming globally minded, we need to create a class that is open to ideas starting with being open to each other."

Congratulations to Pam Hubler and Shelly Vohra for winning The Global Educator

Julie offered to send her book (PDF versions) to two of the participants of tonight's chat. So we picked 2 times in the chat and look who came up.

Pam Hubler @specialtechie is the Personalized Learning Coach at A.C Corcoran Elementary in Charleston, SC.

Contact info for Pam

More information about Pam on #plearnchat 7/6/15

Shelly Vohra @raspberryberet3 is an Instructional Coach and PhD Candidate in Educational Technology for the Peel District School Board in Ontario, Canada.

Shelly's Linkedin
Shelly's Website: techdiva29.wordpress.com

More information about Shelly on #plearnchat 8/24/15

Congratulations to Cathy Benge @CathyBenge1, who won our book, How to Personalize Learning

Cathy Benge has taught 4th and 6th grades at elementary level, 6th grade Literature in middle school and then earned her M.Ed. in Library Media Sciences (graduating May of 2017!). As Library Director at Longfellow Middle School, Cathy has implemented the Read-A-Latte Cafe. A year-round fundraiser selling snacks and fruit juices to everyone and coffee/tea to adults, the cafe has brought in nearly $1,000 since March! Cathy is also writing grants, proposals, and letters to prospective private donors to fund ideas and activities. In the past two and a half months, she has been awarded over $3,000 in MakerSpace items and English and Spanish fiction titles for her middle school library.

Cathy is looking for ways to connect her students to the world around them! You can find her on Twitter @cathy.benge.1, #oklaed, #oklamakerspace, and FaceBook’s Future Ready Librarians. An enthusiastic participant in the edcamp movement, Cathy is co-hosting Oklahoma’s first edcamp for Librarians, Tech Educators, and Literary lovers this summer -- EdCampMoreThanBooks, July 13, 2017! Click here for more information or register on eventbrite.

"So many students in my town don't leave our state… It certainly helps starting with meeting people of other cultures and values. In a non-diverse area of the world, I want to bring in as much diversity as possible!"

"Isn't it imperative that learning be made relative? The goal of education is independent, fully functioning adults working in the world."

Follow Cathy on Twitter: @CathyBenge1

How to Personalize Learning is your practical guide to getting started and going deeper with personalized learning. Corwin has offered our followers a 20% discount code. Go to Corwin Press and use the discount code N169O6 for your own copy.

We want to thank Linda and Julie for co-hosting #plearnchat and
providing resources. We highly recommend The Global Educator for our readers.

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We archived the entire #plearnchat about Global Collaboration Projects below for your convenience and as a resource. 

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