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"I really loved that this was personalized in nature -- the time in which we got it done was very flexible (and thank you again for extending the deadline)! I'm not sure I have any suggestions or constructive criticism for the course. You all make a great team and I very much appreciate your thoughtful and swift responses to our posts. Thanks for a great course!" Allison Hrkac, 10/11 grade ELA Teacher, Oregon High School, Oregon SD, WI

What an awesome course!! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the experience and knowledge you two bring to Personalized Learning. I thought I knew what it was...but I was wrong. Your course walked me through in a very strategic and meaningful way. The concepts were well connected and allowed time for us to think through what we had learned. The activities were 'meaty" and at first I didn't think I could get it all done, but the course layout helped me tremendously. Thanks for sharing your expertise and true love of this topic with us. Latarsha Jones, Coach and Educational Consultant, Fulton County Schools, GA

"I loved all of the resources you provided and am glad we will have access to them for a time after the class ends. Thank you!!" Angie Brauns, Library Media Specialist, Netherwood Knoll & Prairie View Elementary Schools, Oregon SD, WI

This course provides opportunities to learn in three dimensions: 1) the instructors have provided a wealth of relevant research and specific practices to understand the complexities of personalized learning; 2) the design of the eCourse is an inspirational model of online learning possibilities; 3) through the assignments, participants are encouraged to consider issues and plans for implementing personalized learning in their own situations. Well worth taking! Amy Pleet-Odle, Educational Consultant, Maryland

"I liked the instant feedback and the information through the web links you provided. From the beginning I felt comfortable to express and share my thoughts. You created a trusting environment. I would like to continue the conversations about Personalized Learning." Gabriele Stafford, ELA 9-12 Teacher, Umatilla High School, Lake County Schools, FL

"I can't tell you how much this course has made me think much deeper into my practice and how though I am familiar with and use personalized learning in my room, there is so much more to learn and grow from. This course is well worth the time and provides great collaboration!" Lisa Treml Welch, K-1 co-teacher at KM Explore, Wisconsin 

"I loved the way the course flowed and provided a deep dive into what personalized learning is with a lens on the learners. The background information, theories, models and digital resources were invaluable to understanding the 5-W concepts of Personalized Learning. The webinars and discussions provided opportunities to interact with the presenters and other participants. I appreciated the choice of activities, which were engaging and really fun! I was inspired and motivated throughout the course and truly felt this was a personal learning experience!  Lori Roe, Instructional Technology Specialist, Cape Henlopen School District, Wilmington University, Delaware

"This was an excellent overview to help me understand what personalized learning is. I am at the point where I need help designing the infrastructure of a personalized learning classroom. Resources, in terms of sample standards based report cards, how to collect/store/document evidence of learning, and organizational systems that have worked for others are what I need for my next steps. I am very excited about personalized learning and will be teaching a multiage personalized learning class next year!" Haley Brisky, 4th grade teacher, Sugar Creek Elementary, Verona Area School District, WI

"I LOVED that this class was webinar based, allowing numerous staff to watch, learn, and discuss together. It was so beneficial and enlightening to chat with other educators, whether from the same school/district or from another state or even country! We had the opportunity not only to learn from Barbara and Kathleen, but other educators. The collaboration piece was ideal. I hope there are opportunities for more Personalized Learning classes like this?!?!" Andrea DeNure, 2nd grade teacher, Netherwood Knoll, Oregon School District, WI

"The readings were very helpful. The first readings on the research of personalized learning were quite long, but informational. I really liked putting PL into practice by completing a redesign of my room as well as doing learning profiles for some of my current students. Stemming from taking this class I was able to go and visit a personalized learning school for a day. This was a great add on to the class and I felt it was very beneficial for me to see PL in action! I would highly recommend school visits to other 5W's participants! I liked that this class was district wide, so we could hear about what was going on in different schools and grade levels in the chat. I am so happy I took this class and I know others will be too!" Molly Lawry, K-1 teacher, Country View Elementary, Verona Area School District, WI

"I liked: seeing your faces, posting and reading replies, online sessions, and watching the videos. I have no suggestions as this is the best online class experience I have had to date. The other day I was in my principal's office and we were talking about how to get teachers to make "The Shift"- I told him that everyone should have the opportunity to take this class! I made the shift a long time ago but after returning to a regular school, I needed encouragement to remember how to do right by the learners in my room! My favorite part so far was watching the video by Sir Ken; I ended up buying and am currently enjoying one of his books." Danette Carroll, 8th grade Language Arts teacher, Luella Middle School, Henry County Schools, GA

"This class has opened my eyes to educational, social and emotional reasoning for personalized learning. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me start my journey."  Cyndi Olander, Program Support Coordinator, Oregon School District, WI

"I am very excited about entering the realm of personalized learning with my school and your course helped me to see how it can be integrated into a traditional school with standardized tests. I looked forward to the webinars and even the assignments which encouraged me to look deeper and reflect on what was discussed during the session and how I can use this knowledge to apply it to my own classroom/school." Susan Wolodkowicz. 9/10 Science Teacher, Seminole High School, Pinellas County Schools, FL

"Thank you for a very informative course! I enjoyed the webinars and the opportunity to connect with class members via the blog and forum. The embedded videos were very helpful. The timeline for assignments was realistic. The most helpful resources for me were in Section 4 with the model school examples. I want to explore more about the structures put in place to implement/document the learners PL experience, in addition to the e-portfolio. I will miss your friendly voices, as guides on this PL journey!"  April Rohrig, MTSS Coach, Title I Coordinator, Lealman Innovation Academy, Pinellas County Schools, FL

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