Upcoming Events

8/3/15 #plearnchat  Monday, 7pm ET on
Leadership, Change, and Personalized Learning

Big Question: 
What can school leaders do to create the change to move to personalized learning?

for conversations in 3 weeks on Monday at 7pm ET for next #plearnchat

8/24/15: Full STEAM Ahead

Wisconsin Education Innovations Institute
August 11th, 2015 8:30 to 3:00pm
Verona High School, Wisconsin

Barbara will provide a keynote on Tuesday, August 11th: Learning is Personal: So What Does that Mean for You? Then a whole day follow up session from 10:00am to 3pm: Make Learning Personal: The What, Who, and Why of Personalized Learning.

Edina Learning Institute 
August 17 - 20, 2015, Edina Public Schools, MN

Barbara will present a Keynote on August 18th around the Motivated Lifelong Learner. She will facilitate a breakout session on what is Personalized Learning and an afternoon workshop to dig deeper into how learners learn best and the learning environment.

Digital Education Conference

September 14-15, 2015, Dubai

Kathleen will be presenting a full-day workshop on "Culture Shift: Making Learning Personal for Every Learner" and a 20 min. keynote on Make Learning Personal: "The What, Who and Why of Personalized Learning".