Upcoming Events

8/24/15 #plearnchat  Monday, 7pm ET in 3 weeks
Topic: Growth Mindset
Big Question: 
How can you foster and nurture a growth mindset with all learners?

in 3 weeks on Monday 7pm ET 

9/14/15: Full STEAM Ahead (then 2 weeks later)
9/28/15: Learner Agency
10/12/15: Future Ready

Edina Learning Institute 
August 17 - 20, 2015, Edina Public Schools, MN

Barbara Bray will present a keynote on August 18th around the Motivated Lifelong Learner. She will facilitate a breakout session on what is Personalized Learning and then do an afternoon workshop to dig deeper into how learners learn best and the learning environment.

Teacher Entrepreneurship Week

August 24 - 27, 2015 hosted by Steve Hargadon
Interview with amazing educators along with Barbara Bray on 8/27 7:45pm PT

The Digital Education Show Middle East 2015
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

Kathleen McClaskey will present a full-day workshop and keynote

September 14th - Pre-Conference Workshop 
Culture Shift: Making Learning Personal for Every Learner
In this interactive workshop, you will weave practical strategies together to create a deeper understanding of what it means to personalize learning.

September 15th - Keynote Address

Make Learning Personal: The What, Who and Why of Personalized Learning

The Bedley Brothers EdChat Show

MassCUE/M.A.S.S. Fall Conference 2015

October 21st , 11:30-12:30

Make Learning Personal - Discover the Learner in Every Child
presented by Kathleen McClaskey
In this session, participants will discover who their learners are and how they learn best using the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) lens of Access, Engage and Express.