Jumpstart your Personalized Learning System!

Overview of Personalized Learning

Introducing Personalized Learning to your District/Region

  • Webinar (one hour)
  • On-site Interactive Workshop (one day)

Pre-assessment on Readiness to Personalize Learning
  • Surveys, interviews and observations
  • Review Strategic Plan, mission statement, and other documents
  • Reports with recommendations
  • Consultation on next steps

Build a Common Language around Personalized Learning 
  • 5 W's of Personalized Learning® eCourse: The What, Who, WOW, Where, and Why
  • 5 W's of Personalized Learning® Standalone course

5 W's of Personalized Learning Licensing Program
  • License the 5W's of Personalized Learning® eCourse to transfer to your LMS
  • License the 5 W's of Personalized Learning® Standalone course so your district or organization manages and promotes it

Certification of Lead PL Coaches

  • Training and coaching support of Lead Personalized Learning Coaches as they implement personalized learning

Leadership Symposium 
  • Shared Belief System around teaching and learning based on Vision
  • Connect the Dots of current initiatives under the Personalized Learning umbrella

The "How" to Personalize Learning
Getting Started and Going Deeper

How to Personalized Learning Workshop: Getting Started *prerequisite: 5 W's of PL
On-site workshop with teacher teams (3+ days TBD)

  • Background on Universal Design of Learning (UDL) as lens for personalized learning.
  • Learner Profile TM, Personal Learning Backpack TM, Personal Learning Plan TM.
  • Class Learning Snapshot to redesign learning spaces.
  • Frame the lesson and review lesson elements.
  • Determine resources and strategies that access, engage, and express .
  • Transform existing lessons to encourage voice and choice.

How to Personalize PBL: Going Deeper *prerequisite: How to PL: Getting Started Workshop
On-site workshop with teacher teams (3+ days TBD)

  • Introduce Project-Based Learning elements.
  • Review existing lessons and standards met.
  • Unpack standards with examples.
  • Create driving or essential questions.
  • Demonstrate activities where learners can drive learning.
  • Walk participants through PBL design.
  • Create an entry event or pitch for PBL. 

Keynotes and Spotlight Presentations

  • Why Learners NOT Students
  • Learning is Personal for Teachers Too!
  • Make Learning Personal with Stories
  • Make Learning Personal: The What, Who and Why
  • Culture Shift: Transform Learning for All Learners
  • Oh My! Pedagogy, Technology, Personalized Learning
  • UDL: The Lens for Teaching and Learning: Access, Engage and Express

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