Our Personalize Learning Toolkit includes resources that can help your school or organization personalize learning for your learners. You need this toolkit to:
  • help you understand the language around personalizing learning.
  • provide background knowledge of the differences of Personalization, Differentiation and Individualization.
  • understand Universal Design for Learning as the foundation to create Personalized Learning Environments.
  • realize that there are three stages of Personalized Learning Environments.
  • design Personal Learner ProfilesTM and Personal Learning BackpacksTM.
  • guide change with the Stages of Concern about Personalized Learning.

Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization (PDI) Chart (V3)

We did research on what personalization is and the differences between differentiation and individualization. We found very little information on the differences and that we needed to clarify the differences. That lead us to create this chart comparing the differences. This is 2013 version 3 of the chart with revisions and a facelift based on feedback from educators around the world.

We use this chart as a tool for your stakeholders to discuss the differences between these terms and to provide a clearer picture about the terms as they develop a shared vision to personalize learning.

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Report detailing 
Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization

We created this report to explain in detail the components of the chart and the differences between the terms. Read more...

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Stages of Personalized Learning Environments
We use the stages to define what teacher-centered, learner-centered and learner-driven environments look like. To move from traditional teaching to stage one is overwhelming. We created the stages to provide schools and organizations an overview of what each component of a stage can be. We have created a set of instruments (i.e. checklists, rubrics, and other assessment tools) to determine where an organization is based on each stage and how to move to the next stage. We provide these tools as part of our service.

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CBAM: Stages of Concern about Personalized Learning
CBAM: Stages of Concern about Personalized Learning
Change is not easy. If you are planning to transform learning to a personalized learning environment, this adapted chart will help you define the stages of concern when you go through the change process. We added descriptions for each stage along with strategies to guide change.


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Personal Learner Profile TM
Using Universal Design for Learning (UDL), both the teacher and the learner understand how the learner learns best. The result is a Personal Learner ProfileTM that serves as a guide in selecting appropriate tools and resources they need to support their learning.

Personal Learning Backpack TM

When a learner understands how they learn best through the UDL lens, they are able to make appropriate choices in selecting the tools and resources that support their learning.

UDL guides how Personalized Learning Meets the Common Core
Universal Design for Learning is the Lens that guides the design of Personalized Learning Environments. We created this diagram to provide you a picture of the roles of the Learner, Teacher, Learning Environment, and Change Model.

Charts, Reports, and Diagrams by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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