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We have been so fortunate to have met amazing teachers and transformational leaders who change how they teach so learners can become independent, self-directed learners. Make sure you read their stories and follow their journeys to personalize learning. Also make sure you check out the Thought Leaders' journeys.

Paula Ford
Paul Ford has taught kindergarten, first grade, third grade, and been a resource teacher for grades transitional kindergarten through fifth grade. The majority of her career has been teaching low-socioeconomic English language learners.  Currently, she is teaching kindergarten at Manuel De Vargas Elementary School. Read about her PBL projects with kinders...

Brian Anton
Brian Anton, @FHS_Anton, is a high school social studies teacher at Forsyth High School in Missouri who has taught everything from American History, American Government, World History, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Contemporary Issues, and Missouri History to a dual credit American History survey course. He shares how to create a learning environment where learners are engaged and meet content and curriculum goals. Read more...

Starr Sackstein
Starr Sackstein, @MsSackstein, is a high school English and Journalism teacher at World Journalism Preparatory School in Flushing, NY where her learners run a multi-media news outlet at Starr serves at the New York State Director to JEA to help serve advisers in New York better grow journalism programs. Starr shares how every child as the power to develop the journey that is their learning. Read more..

Patrick Riley
Patrick Riley, @priles3000, is a Cognitive Coach for the kF-RTTD Grant, Patrick Riley works closely with more than 30 Kentucky Teacher Leaders (working in ten schools and three school districts) to embed personalized learning strategies in the classroom, helping them to further inspire, challenge, empower, and engage learners through the constructive process of learning. Patrick shares how the grant has been positively impacted by the personalized learning initiative and innovation. Read more..

Pernille Ripp
Pernille Ripp is a 7th grade teacher in Oregon School District in Wisconsin who shares her story of almost quitting teaching because of the kind of teacher she had become. Pernille shares her transformation to a teacher who embraces personalized learning. She started by asking her learners which needs they have that are not met and how asking learners questions can be done in many ways. Read more..

Rik Rowe
Rik Rowe is a High School Mathematics Teacher in Wilmington, Massachusetts. To start valuing Learners in the #1st5Days, Rik asks them to write hm a letter answering several questions about their learning, their background in mathematics and what interests them. He then emails them an Evernote notebook to track add their interests and strengths so they can be searched by keywords. Read more..

Gabrielle Marquette
Gabrielle Marquette is a practicing special educator/ consulting teacher and has been co-teaching American Literature for thirteen years at Enosburg High School, VT. She has been teaching at The Community College of Vermont. Gabrielle share how as Vermont moves toward more personal and proficiency based learning, having a growth mindset will be central to their success with these efforts. Read more..

Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin McLauglin is an ICT Coordinator / Primary Teacher at Old Mill Primary School in Broughton Astley, Leics, UK who transformed his classroom to a personalized learning environment. His students create PJs or what he calls their Personal Journeys. Kevin also involves his students in the redesign of lessons and the classroom. Read more...

Lisa Welch, Wanda Richardson, and Susan Blaesing
Lisa and Wanda shared in their first blog post Read more... how they co-taught in a classroom with 43 kindergarten student at Wales Elementary School, Wales, Wisconsin, Kettle Moraine School District. Check their new post about growing "The Garden" with new team member Susan who joined their K-2 multi-age co-teaching pod where all three classrooms have opened the doorways to make a personalized learning environment. Read even more...

Nicole Naditz
Nicole is a high school French teacher, Sacramento, CA where she encourages her French I through IV students to "think out of the box" and drive their learning. Her students have designed student-created museums, collaborated with people in Burkina Faso, and much more. Read more...

Chris Edwards
Chris is a Year 2 (ages 6/7years) teacher in at Chad Varah Primary School, England. He has 26 children in his class (form). Chris was a professional musician who taught music and realized how much he loved teaching. He has been teaching for six years. He started personalising (with an 's') his classroom a year ago and shared... Read more...

Shelley Wright
Shelley is a high school educator and consultant in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada who has changed her thinking about teaching and learning. She writes a blog and provides models of personalised learning where her learners own their learning. She calls ownership their Framework of Learning. Read more...

Sarah Downing-Ford Journey
Sarah Downing-Ford
Sarah is a 7th grade middle school teacher at Massebesic Middle School in Waterboro, Maine. She shared how her learners assess their own work my unpacking the standards and how ow they assess each other. Read more...

Melvina Kurashige
Melvina teaches Japanese at Mid-Pacific Institute (MPI) in Honolulu, HI and connected with Caitlyn, a teacher at St. John’s International School in Brussels about writing a poem with their thoughts about water. Check out how Expert Learners created a music video and made their own destiny. Read more...

John Parker
John, Digital Learning Specialist at Buncombe County Schools, NC, shares how Buncombe County Schools has embarked on a journey that is designed to transform our school library media centers into flexible learning spaces that are earmarked by designs that encourage choice and voice for their learners. Read more...

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