Personalize Learning WebinarsSharing voices of educators and learners who are personalizing learning along with archives of webinars we present. 

We would like to thank Steve Hargadon and Peggy George for graciously offering to use Blackboard Collaborate for our webinar series. We hope you will join us and our guests.

Personalization and Student Engagement - Webinar #5 archive
with Elliot Washor of Big Picture Learning

There is a great deal of discussion and a strong ramp up of what is called “personalized learning” in schools  both with and without technology.” Where is the person in personalization? What are the expectations that students have for deep productive learning? This webinar is about practical approaches to personalization and student engagement. 

Why Hope Matters - Webinar #4 archive
with Keven Kroehler of EdVisions Schools

Learn when learners make their own goals, plan for those goals and then are persistent in meeting those goals give them hope. Keven shares an analogy of making chocolate chip cookies and the process to learn.

Read more about Hope in Keven's guest post...

The Motivation Equation - Webinar #3 archive
(Tuesday, January 21, 2014)

Hear from learners how eight conditions play out in highly motivating classrooms. Kathleen will share the strategies that motivate learners and the voices from four learners on what matters so they can learn. 

Check out her guest post on the 8 Secrets of Motivated Learners and download her iBook, The Motivation Equation.

The Inquiry Hub - Webinar #2 archive
(Tues., Dec. 17, 2013)

David Truss and several learners shared how learning at the Inquiry Hub provides them an innovative, technology driven, full-time program which allows them to pursue their own learning questions by shaping their educational experience around their interests instead of structured classes. View the entire post at: Kids talking about Learning at The Inquiry Hub.

Go to Blackboard Collaborate recording for the entire webinar on Classroom 2.0.

Mt. Abraham Union Middle/High School - Webinar #1 archive
John H. Clarke, Lauren Parren, Caroline Camara, Josie Jordan and Robin K. share how learners have opportunities to choose their own path to graduation. How do they do that? Watch embedded video below or go to the Blackboard Collaborate recording

For more information, go to this post.

The PL Webinar series will be on Tuesdays at 5pm ET, 4pm CT, 3pm MT and 2pm PT in our Blackboard Collaborate room.

We would like to thank Steve Hargadon who graciously offered Blackboard Collaborate for our series and Peggy George who has been assisting us in the development of the series. 

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